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5 Ways Intuit is Changing the Employee Onboarding Game

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For most people, starting a new job can bring a swirl of emotions—pride, excitement, anticipation and uncertainty—to name a few. Being the newbie can be a challenge. The basics like navigating a new workplace, memorizing dozens of names and decoding acronyms, while also trying to get up to speed on the role and company can be overwhelming. But the onboarding process is high stakes. With statistics showing that 69 percent of employees are more likely to stay with a company for at least three years if they experienced great onboarding—we have skin in this game.

As a company that continuously disrupts itself, Intuit saw a huge opportunity to innovate the onboarding experience. Enter We Are Intuit: a new global onboarding experience aimed at unleashing innovation and maximizing the potential of new employees around the world.

We Are Intuit covers a lot of ground to get employees integrated quickly, and focusing on these five key areas has changed the onboarding game at Intuit:

1. Inspire a passion for customer obsession.

Through the experience, new employees perform “Follow-Me-Homes” where they observe customers doing their work in their own, real-world environment to understand their experience first-hand, identify pain points, and develop deep customer empathy.

2. Equip every employee with the tools to innovate.

Using customer insights shared among the cohort, participants are shown how to innovate and address problems with Intuit’s Customer Driven Innovation (CDI) and Design for Delight (D4D) methodologies, so they are fully trained and ready to make an impact right away.

3. Share our game plan to win.

Employees engage in an open dialogue with senior leaders where they have the opportunity to ask questions, get a better understanding of Intuit’s mission and strategy, and learn how their role fits within the larger picture.

4. Drive a deep connection to our values.

Everyone at Intuit is expected to be a leader, and we lead through our values. Employees are immersed in our values and learn our core value, “We Care and Give Back,” first-hand by doing a volunteer project together with a local non-profit. They also start to build strong, cross-organizational relationships throughout the experience, helping us all “Win Together.”

5. Deliver a consistent program across the world.

One Intuit, one onboarding experience. New employees in every office are given the same information, in-depth training, and insights, so they can work effectively with colleagues globally—confident they are on the same page, understand the big picture, and feel a sense of belonging—no matter where they are located.

After attending We Are Intuit, employees return to their teams even more empowered to make a difference right away—knowledgeable and energized to do the best work of their lives. Many employees have already used the insights and learnings from the program to immediately impact their business units—driving results that power prosperity around the world.

Find out more at Intuit Careers.

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