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From Intern to Employee: Early Career Tips from Former Intuit Interns

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It’s intern season, and with that comes a lot of new faces, fresh perspectives, and opportunity. Many people’s experiences during their initial steps into the “real world” are very different. But for most, it’s a valuable learning experience and the chance to make some lifelong memories.

We wanted to hear more about the early career experience at Intuit, so we talked to a few former Intuit interns, now full-time employees. We asked them to share their experiences, lessons-learned, and memories.

You’ll hear from:

  • Maya Bello – Software Engineer
  • Jordan Haley – Sales Consultant
  • Joyce Zhang – Data Scientist
  • Peter Jiang – Product Manager


Intuit: How would you compare your internship to transitioning into your full-time role?

Maya: I am extremely glad I interned at Intuit before accepting a full-time position. Before I started full-time, I had all of the Intuit acronyms and different tools down.

Joyce: Those two months enabled me to explore and find out what exactly I wanted to do and who I wanted to become.

Peter: The internship did a great job of exposing me to what it’s like to work here at Intuit. My manager made sure to invite me to product manager trainings and all the team meetings, so I was able to gain a better understanding of the role. I was also given full ownership over a project for the summer, which was great training for the role I have today.

Intuit: What was the most important thing you learned as an intern?

Peter: To take initiative. As an intern, it’s easy to just do what you’re told and meet the requirements that your manager sets out for you. But with all the resources that Intuit provides, you can go beyond your role and make an impact in areas that you care about. Through the process, you may even discover a new passion, which can help you further develop your career in areas that you care deeply about.

Maya: No matter what role you are interning as, it takes time to learn new things and your managers know this! Just keep trying, because with time and hard work you will definitely get it.

Jordan: I learned how to manage my time. Working part-time while attending school really helped me identify what was important.

Intuit: Was there something a leader did or said that impressed you and has stayed with you?

Jordan: YES! I had amazing managers who were honest 24/7. My first manager was always willing to share his practical knowledge and how he had grown within the company. He was open about his challenges too, which made him even more relatable.

Maya: I would from time to time ask my boss how I was doing, and he would say, “Are you learning?” And I would say, “Yeah, every day!” And then he would say, “Then that is all that matters. If you’re learning, you are doing everything right.”

Intuit: What was the biggest challenge you faced?

Jordan: Being open to change at any period of time.

Maya: I was afraid to ask questions. I actually made up a rule for myself to not ask more than three questions a day so that I wouldn’t be bothering anyone. Mid-way through my internship, I asked my team members for feedback and they said I wasn’t asking enough questions! I was trying to be what I thought was a “good intern,” instead of just being myself.

Intuit: What advice do you have for incoming Intuit interns?

Peter: There’s a reason the first Intuit value is Be Bold. Here at Intuit, we aspire to think beyond what is accepted as possible in every situation. Interns have an advantage because they have fresh perspectives. Don’t be shy. Bring your great ideas to the table. Share your inspirational vision. That’s what we’re all here to do.

Maya: This is the time to explore your passions, so try new things! For example, if you have only tried backend work in college, ask for some frontend assignments. Attend workshops, classes and events on campus — even if they are outside your immediate role. Say yes to the new opportunities that come your way. And enjoy your summer! You’ll never be this young again so do what makes you happy and explore whatever city you are in!

What are some of your most memorable early career moments or lessons-learned? Tell us in the comments.

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