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“There’s So Much to Learn” – A Look Inside Intuit’s Summer Internship Program

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Internships provide hands-on experience and exposure to the working world. It’s an opportunity to get connected and learn about what you would like to do with your career. In the spirit of National Intern Day, we caught up with some of our interns to reflect on their experiences this summer while working at Intuit. Here are some of the things that they learned.


1. Your Voice Matters

“I learned that here at Intuit, everyone’s voice is valued. Even if it may seem daunting to speak up during a big meeting, it’s worth it to do so, because people genuinely care what you have to say. Don’t hesitate to dive in and go above and beyond what you are asked for! The best opportunities will come to you if you do.”

Sumayha Rahman, Data Scientist Intern in Mountain View, CA


2. Adversity is Normal – Stay Positive

“I have always known that sales requires you to be resilient, but this internship taught me not to let my attitude be determined by my outcome. Working in sales at Intuit taught me to show up with a positive attitude every day, no matter the circumstances of my work that day. Our VP of Sales, Rob Lips, advised us to own the outcome, not the challenges. Adversity is inevitable in life, and it is much more productive to focus on how I am going to reach a goal, not the challenges that I will encounter along the way.”

-Cole Powers, Sales Consultant Intern in Tuscon, AZ


3. There’s So Much to Learn

“Everybody at Intuit comes from so many different places, and bring different skill sets and experiences to the table. There’s so much to learn from the people here, and they’re all down to help you grow and make the most of your time here. I’ve learned to listen, ask questions, and not be afraid to voice my opinions. There’s a lot you can learn here, but also consider what you can contribute to your team and the people you’re working with.”

Mansi Soni, Visual Design Intern in Mountain View, CA


4. Try New Things

“Try to change something. Maybe there’s a new technology you want to get your hands on, or perhaps you want more team bonding activities or go to a conference. Pick something that you are passionate about, and try it. Talk to people around you and figure out why it was done certain ways in the past, and don’t be afraid to attempt to change things. Challenge yourself – I’ve learned that Intuit wants to see you do great work and fuel your passions.”

Mandy Meindersma, Software Engineer Intern in Mountain View, CA


5. Talk to People

“Your immediate team will surely be wonderful, and they’re important to network with, but get to know the broader organization as much as you can. You only have the ‘intern card’ to play for a short while, and I’ve learned that people at all levels are happy to sit down for 20-30 minutes to tell you their story. Ask good questions and listen – it’s worth it.”

Aggie Howland, MBA Intern – Marketing in Mountain View, CA


6. Keep Track of What You’re Doing

“I’ve learned the importance of journaling or keeping track of my daily work. This allows me to prioritize my work, and help me chart my progress as I give my final presentation. At Intuit, I’d learned to focus on learning as much as I can, rather than just showing up for a job. Take on hard and ambiguous tasks, because that’s how you learn the most and grow. Everyone who’s successful got there because they took on really challenging jobs.”

Reuben George, MBA Intern – Marketing in Mountain View, CA


7. Any Feedback is Positive Feedback

“Why is constructive feedback not considered positive? To me, any feedback is always positive. To quote my peers and leaders here at Intuit, ‘Feedback is a gift,’ and I witness this on a daily basis. The pace at Intuit is quick – conversations and discussions on new projects immediately turn into something tangible. I knew visual thinking was great, but never imagined it to be so powerful in a corporate setting that can drive meetings, and deliver faster on business. And constructive feedback throughout this accelerated process is extremely valuable as I continue to learn and grow.”

Mario Dcunha, Experience Design Intern in Plano, TX

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