Intuit brings GenAI game to company code-a-thon

Over 5,000 Intuit technologists spent five days pursuing their passions to solve customer problems

Around 10 Intuit technologists gather for a group photo
Around 10 Intuit technologists gather for a group photo

Twice a year, Intuit technologists gather to experiment and collaborate on passion projects during Global Engineering Days (GED). The week-long code-a-thon shines a light on Intuit’s vibrant engineering culture, community, and commitment to sparking creativity. The week ignites innovation for more than 100 million consumer and small business customers. 

Last month, thousands of engineers around the world—Bangalore, Tel Aviv, Toronto and Edmonton, London, Sydney, Atlanta, Boise, Los Angeles, Mountain View, Plano, New York and San Diego—stepped away from their day-to-day to experiment with new product enhancements, reduce technical complexity, learn a new technology or tool, find new ways to use Intuit’s platform capabilities, and much more.

Welcomed into the GED “Portal to Collaboration” on Day 1 by CTO Marianna Tessel, Intuit engineers demonstrated their time-proven ability to turn aspirations into innovative solutions to help our customers make financial decisions faster, with confidence. In fact, many of Intuit’s 2,400 patents worldwide have originated from past GEDs. 

Supercharged by the second fully in-person format in three years, 5,345 participants worked on 2,185 projects. Just in time for GED, the company launched GenStudio, a dedicated internal development environment, enabling rapid experimentation with GenAI for hundreds of projects throughout the week. GenStudio is a core component of Intuit’s new proprietary Generative AI operating system (GenOS), which unleashes the power of GenAI across the company’s global technology organization to build GenAI-powered experiences across the company’s product portfolio, with speed at scale.

“This year’s event really showcased the extent to which we are investing in GenAI to unlock better experiences for our customers. We were thrilled to be able to make GenStudio available in time for GED, and have now really witnessed the power of providing our engineers and innovators an avenue to play with this emerging technology and seek new horizons for our platform and customers.”

-Marianna Tessel, Intuit CTO

Intuit’s AI-driven expert platform strategy is accelerating innovation throughout the company and our generative AI (GAI) capabilities are helping create game-changing experiences for our customers. With momentum building over the course of GED, Intuit technologists found creative ways to apply GenAI to their projects. For example, one team created sophisticated data analytics for the management of the company’s nationwide network of tax and bookkeeping experts, while another leveraged GenAI to “automagically” translate marketing content into multiple languages

Central to the mission  

GED is about taking big swings—a week where our technologists dive into solving customer pain points or paving the way to greater productivity. The challenges our customers face aren’t static—they evolve and change in lockstep with the world around them—but their needs remain the same: more money in their pockets, less work, and more confidence. 

While Intuit works toward this goal every day, GED continues to play a galvanizing role in our ability to deliver unmatched speed to benefit through a leading AI-driven expert platform that connects people to experts, and instills financial confidence when our customers need it most.