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Announcing our Transgender Youth Mentorship Program

Social Responsibility Intuit Trans Summit: GenderCool Champions

At Intuit, maker of TurboTax, QuickBooks and Mint, we believe that everyone plays a part in making sure all people, regardless of their gender or sexual orientation, feel like they belong. We continue to focus on attracting and retaining a talented and diverse workforce that fosters inclusion and belonging. But we want to do more. We’re committed to innovating and sharing our best practices so that we can help drive societal and industry-wide change.

Last Spring, our Pride Employee Resource Group (ERG) hosted our first Intuit Transgender Summit, mentioned by Huffington Post and Axios to be the first of its kind for Silicon Valley. 

Intuit employees, GenderCool Project champions, and guests from Adobe, Bank of the West, Airbnb and others came together to spend the day learning about what members from the transgender community experience everyday. Conversations and panels explored personal experiences and how we can move both our company and society forward, while leaders walked out with action items based on the biggest concerns they had heard.

Our Pride network members left the day feeling inspired but they wanted to do more for the transgender community, specifically the future workforce. After hearing stories from the GenderCool youth and their parents, conversations between our Pride ERG and the GenderCool Project continued and an opportunity was uncovered–  the Intuit and GenderCool Champions’ Mentorship Program

As someone who has worked in the transgender community for many years, GenderCool co-founder, Gerah Goldstein shared, “that there’s an opportunity for transgender and non-binary youth to to have the opportunity to be included and to see what is possible.” We believe this is the first step, to open our doors and lean into meaningful experiences and build lasting relationships. 

This six-week virtual co-learning experience will pair a GenderCool champion with an Intuit employee to not only provide support and friendship, but to share their everyday work experiences at Intuit. We want to foster meaningful conversations about how to be successful in a diverse environment, what it means to live the values of championing diversity and inclusion while sharing career advice. 

Whether it’s elevating your allyship to a new level, or doing your part to replace opinions with experiences, we all have the ability to do more. Learn more about the GenderCool Project and how you can support the next generation during Pride month and beyond. 

Global Pride Chair, Cherise Slover shared her excitement around the launch of the mentorship program. “We will be the first to step into this space within the tech industry,” says Cherise, “but we want to grow the program beyond our organization. We hope to lead the way for other companies so they too can initiate meaningful and tangible programs to support the LGBTQ+ community.”

We’re inspired by the passion of our employees to make a difference and truly embrace change so that together, we can change the world.