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Introducing Prosperity Hubs – Helping Build Resilient Cities

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Rebecca believes in the potential of her community.

Butch came looking for a new life.

Melissa looked across the river and saw stagnant, abandoned properties.

At Intuit, makers of TurboTax, QuickBooks and Mint, our mission is to power prosperity around the world, especially for those who need it most. 

Fifty million Americans—one in every 6—live in communities where jobs and opportunities are hard to come by. We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to prosper. But we know opportunities don’t come equally. When industries evolve, people and communities get left behind. That’s why we invest in people living in these communities. And by providing opportunities, their local economies rebuild and thrive.

Prosperity Hubs help propel prosperity

Our Prosperity Hubs provide new career development opportunities. We employ hundreds of customer success experts living in communities in need to provide product and domain expertise for our products.

We believe in accelerating prosperity throughout the community, which involves providing vocational training to expand community members’ expertise, and resources for education supporting youth, adults, and small businesses.

Our program will also provide remote jobs and educational resources for people living in communities in need of opportunities, including families in the military and people of varying abilities.

“Prosperity Hubs are an ideal example of how together, we can all prosper,” says Sasan Goodarzi, CEO of Intuit. “We’ve learned that one of the most powerful ways to help people prosper is by connecting them with experts on our platform. When we bring jobs and education to talented individuals in these communities, we’re developing experts who can better serve the communities and customers around us.” 

By driving new jobs, teaching new skills, and supporting small businesses, we’re helping to do our part to power prosperity at the local level.

True impact

Since 2016, we have helped accelerate economic development in communities across the U.S. through the Prosperity Hub model. This effort has driven hundreds of new jobs, creating a ripple effect as employees have achieved financial well-being and local small businesses have seen their customer base increase. 

Based on external studies across our first two Prosperity Hubs in Wise, VA and Johnstown, PA, Intuit’s initial investment of $60 million has contributed to more than 1,150 annual jobs created, over $32 million in annual wages and benefits earned, and almost $50 million in new business activity per year within these cities and surrounding counties. 

As Intuit continues to bring new jobs to people in communities affected by economic downturn, we learn what powering prosperity truly means to people and towns. Prosperity is a community, it’s connection, it’s time spent with the ones you love most.

When we come together, we prosper

This is why we invest in equity, to give people equal opportunities to prosper. We invest in communities by bringing new jobs, teaching new skills, and supporting small businesses. We invest in classrooms to bring financial and career readiness. And we invest in our planet by reducing our waste and creating innovative opportunities for our customers and employees to decrease their environmental footprint.

Only together can we impact local economies and ecosystems. City by city, community by community, together we prosper.

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