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Our progress and impact supporting our employees, customers and the communities we serve

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We’re proud to release our 2020 Corporate Responsibility Report where we share more about the important work taking place across Intuit as we invest in our employees and communities, increase equality by providing new opportunities, and improve the world for our customers and the generations that will come after us. Below is my letter introducing the report.

At Intuit, our mission is to “Power Prosperity Around the World.” Delivering on that mission in ways that go beyond our products and services is vitally important in a world where too many struggle to make ends meet, and economic opportunity is still not available to all. This is why we’re committed to using our unique position to influence the world around us and help give everyone the opportunity to prosper.

This past year brought the importance of that work into sharp focus. A global pandemic transformed the way we live and work, creating significant challenges for our customers and the communities we serve. This was also a year in which we faced the lack of equity and equality that has been part of society for too long.

COVID-19 has had a massive global impact. Many consumers as well as small businesses have struggled to survive as they adapt their businesses to the new normal and many people have found it difficult to make ends meet. Intuit acted with speed and at scale to provide critical support for our customers during this time of need. These efforts included new products and features designed to put more money in our customers’ pockets, including: free innovative tools to help people navigate the complexities of federal aid programs through Intuit Aid Assist; quickly developing a simple application in QuickBooks Online to enable small businesses to participate in the government’s Paycheck Protection Program; the TurboTax Stimulus Registration product that helped millions access stimulus funds; as well as contributions from Intuit to the relief efforts of the United Nations World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

This year’s events also served to only further our commitment to diversity and inclusion. We thrive when our workforce reflects the richness of life experiences and backgrounds of our more than 50 million customers. While we have made progress, we must continue to do more, especially when it comes to having a greater percentage of underrepresented minorities within our employee population. We have now included in our company’s “True North Goals” clear goals on the percentage of women in technology roles as well as the percentage of our total workforce composed of under-represented minorities. In particular, we have set goals on increasing our representation of Black employees as well as driving systemic and durable change to make Intuit a company where all our employees can do the best work of their lives. This work is being led by an internal team, the Racial Equity Advancement Leadership Team, whose members are from Intuit’s African Ancestry employee resource group and are sponsored by executive sponsors across the organization. We also continue to be committed to pay equity for all our employees around the world. Twice a year, we conduct an analysis across our employee population and make adjustments where needed to ensure we are living up to our principle of pay equity. I am proud of our progress but we must remain focused on continuous improvement to meet the goals we set and continue to live up to our values.

Engaging with these urgent social issues this year has only strengthened our commitment to our long-term corporate responsibility priorities of creating jobs, supporting career readiness, improving our climate and supporting equity for all. Making investments today in these areas is how we will make progress against this critical set of societal challenges our world faces. We have now explicitly made this important work a part of our company strategy and refreshed our values to reflect our unwavering commitment to our employees, our customers and the communities we serve.

This report is an opportunity for us to communicate the important corporate responsibility work taking place across Intuit, as well as our work of financially empowering people, especially at tax time. You will see how these efforts are closely tied to our mission, newly refreshed values and business goals. Corporate responsibility is not a secondary priority at Intuit, but a core part of our DNA, and how we achieve our mission of powering prosperity around the world. We are proud of the progress we’ve made on these important issues. We also know there is still a long way to go. Real progress will take time. We are committed to making that happen.