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Our Thanks to Teachers: Classroom Resources to Teach 21st Century Skills

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At Intuit, proud makers of TurboTax, QuickBooks, and Mint, we want to revolutionize how financial readiness and career readiness skills are taught in every classroom with the use of a hands-on approach and real world tools.  

It’s National Teacher Day and we’re thankful for all that teachers do to help their students be successful. Now more than ever, teachers’ jobs require them to be flexible as they lead students in a virtual environment. 

Intuit Education is focused on helping students become career ready by developing 21st century skills through entrepreneurship and personal finance education. We’re also committed to helping teachers obtain experience and confidence through free professional development opportunities including webinars and virtual workshops on design thinking and personal finance simulations. 

Do you know a teacher who’s interested in teaching entrepreneurship, personal finance or design thinking in their classroom? Here are some great resources that we hope will empower and inspire educators.

Intuit Education Teacher Training

Our recent virtual conference was packed with training sessions focused on getting instructors prepared to teach personal finance, small business management, and design thinking in the classroom. 

Check out the virtual sessions

Financial Readiness Resources

Whether you’re interested in teaching your students more about taxes, how to analyze a credit report, creating a budget or more about how to save, Intuit Education has you covered with videos, case studies and curriculum ideas.

Visit our Financial Readiness resources  

Career Readiness Resources

We’re here to help you with guides and tools to help your students get hands-on experience with 21st century skills including an entrepreneurial mindset, innovation and exploring what a career as an accountant might look like. From learning our Design for Delight methods using the new teacher toolkit to sample curriculum to bring QuickBooks into your classroom and even tools to help get your students QuickBooks certified, we have you covered

Visit our Career Readiness resources


In 2019, the Intuit Education program supported over 100,000 students and educators and we want to do even more to help. We’re continuing to lean into strategic partnerships with leading educational personal finance and entrepreneurship organizations so that we can help make a difference for students and teachers around the world. Dave Zasada, Intuit’s Vice President, Corporate Responsibility, shares that “Intuit’s products and design thinking methodology more effectively support student learning by bringing a real-world authenticity to the classroom – helping students grow in courage and confidence by building in-demand career skills.”

We believe that the future starts in the classroom and that every student deserves a prosperous life, but the path to prosperity is not easy for all. Thank you to teachers all over the world who are helping teach their students the technical and vocational skills that can help them succeed.