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Powering HER Prosperity with Refinery29!

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We’re so excited to partner with Refinery29’s Money Diaries to create “Her Prosperity,” a workshop focused on powering prosperity for female entrepreneurs in their local market. Through various panel discussions and breakout workshops, we want to give female entrepreneurs the tools they need to launch and manage a successful business, and help them reach their personal goals. Our “Her Prosperity” workshop takes place tomorrow, July 21st in Philadelphia!

The workshop was born from the insight that female-owned businesses are growing at 1.5x the national rate as those owned by men, but are failing just as quickly due to lack of resources, funding, and mentorship. With the help of Refinery29, we are hoping to change those statistics through this full-day, highly-immersive workshop for female entrepreneurs that covers a variety of topics including finance, pitching, branding, and marketing, as we work to bring Intuit’s mission of powering prosperity mission to life for the self-employed.

As part of the workshop experience in Philadelphia, Megan West (creative director for Refinery29’s Money Diaries) will host a panel to inspire female entrepreneurs, with panelists Daniella Yacobovsky (BaubleBar), Archna Sahay (Entrepreneurial Investment for Philadelphia), Rakia Reynolds (Skai Blue Media), and Tiffanie Stanard (Stimulus). These powerful females will be speaking to the themes of defining career moments, women supporting women, and the future of “self-employed.”

Follow us on Instagram and join in the online conversation tomorrow, July 21st! In meantime, let us introduce you to one of our featured panelists, Daniella Yacobovsky. She founded Baublebar to be the ultimate fashion playground, and quickly realized how important understanding her startup’s financial health is to maintaining a successful business. Learn more about Daniella’s story below!

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