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“We the Prosperous” – Donna Jones

Customer Stories, Social Responsibility Prosperity is Being Part of a Community

Donna Jones, owner of Dolly House Clothing, takes pride in clothing the London community that she’s part of. Tee shirts, ties, dresses, skirts—you name it, she designs and creates it. She’s a big fan of bright African fabrics. She started out making clothes for her daughter and children, then branched out into making them for adults.

It’s her daughter that’s her inspiration to keep pushing herself with the business. And QuickBooks Self-Employed is one of her favorite tools. In the following video, watch how she uses it to keep track of her business when she’s on the move. It makes invoicing easy and she can even see when her clients have received and looked at an invoice. “They can’t tell me that they ain’t got it—which is nice,” she says.


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