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Resilient Stories from our Prosperity Hub Program: Meet Breed

Social Responsibility Meet Breed

When Breed moved from Detroit to start a new career in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, part of what drove him was the chance to make a difference.

His new role as Site Director with Concentrix, a partner in Intuit’s Prosperity Hub program, was a perfect opportunity to fulfill that dream. In addition to creating jobs in the area, he would be able to give back to the local community.

Breed, a father of three, truly cares about helping those around him, especially when they may need it most. “Life happens,” he says. “We should not penalize people for life happening.” In addition to coaching and developing his team, he makes time to talk to them person to person and is there to help ensure they’re supported.

Launched in 2016, our Prosperity Hub program helps communities in need by creating jobs, preparing people for jobs of the future, and equipping entrepreneurs to start and build successful businesses. As of this spring, the program had generated 2,300 jobs and $123 million of annual economic contribution to communities in need.

Our Prosperity Hubs help individuals by creating new jobs and providing access to resources to better prepare for future jobs. Our goal continues to be creating financial opportunities to fuel the hopes of the people and communities we serve. The people in the communities we partner with are looking for opportunity. They want to work hard and have a chance to succeed so they can support their families and contribute to their community.

Customer success jobs created in partnership with customer service partner companies, including Alorica, Concentrix, Sitel and Sykes Enterprises, help Intuit customers get the most out of Intuit’s products and services. While our Prosperity Hubs span the United States, Canada and Britain, about one-third of the jobs are permanently virtual and designed for people in military communities, who must often relocate, and people with varying abilities. The benefits are many — from making a difference in individual lives to sparking economic growth to boosting resiliency for communities.

At Johnstown, the team increased from zero to 250 within four months of the site launching. Breed says he gets tremendous satisfaction from seeing those around him improve their lives with the help of the site’s money management class, tuition reimbursement, and other programs. He’s seen others get promotions, support their families, buy cars and houses, and more.

The benefits spill into the larger community, too. After the site opened, unemployment in the town fell, restaurants and other businesses that had been struggling got a boost. And the community benefited from the volunteer efforts of Prosperity Hub team members— at the Humane Society, a local soup kitchen, and more.

For Breed and many of those he’s helped, working with one of Intuit’s Prosperity Hub is more than a job — it’s a career and a family. And Breed is honored to be part of that family.

“The opportunities that Intuit has brought to Johnstown have really been eye-opening and beneficial,” he says. “You feel the change.”