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Resilient Stories from our Prosperity Hub Program: Meet Corey

IntuitLife, Social Responsibility Introducing Corey, from our Intuit Prosperity Hub in Virginia

When Corey took a job at Sykes Enterprises in Wise, Virginia, he wanted to do more than listen to people complain about shipping problems. He wanted to help small businesses solve real problems. “I wanted to put on a cape,” he says.

As an Intuit Technical Support agent at Sykes Enterprises, a partner in our Prosperity Hub program, he got to do just that. Helping customers troubleshoot QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions, he got used to hearing people say, “You saved my day!”

But what he didn’t see coming were the many ways the new career would empower him to grow in all aspects of his life. Supported by leaders that believed in him, he soon became a team manager, then was promoted to team lead. Corey graduated with his master’s degree, and eventually used what he learned to launch a new career at the University of Virginia’s College at Wise.

Started in 2016, the Prosperity Hub program helps communities in need by creating jobs, preparing people for jobs of the future, and equipping entrepreneurs to start and build successful businesses. As of last fall, the program had generated 2,300 jobs and $123 million of annual economic contribution to communities in need.

Prosperity Hubs partner with Intuit to create customer success jobs, small business success centers and educational partnerships that span the United States, Canada and Britain. Our partners, including Concentrix, Sykes Enterprises, Alorica and Sitel, support us to help create well-paying jobs that help assist Intuit customers. Customer success agents help customers get the most out of Intuit’s products and services. About one-third of the jobs are permanently virtual and designed for people like those in military communities, who must often relocate, and people with varying abilities.

For Corey, finding the job at Sykes Enterprises was like finding a family. The people there and in the community accepted him as one of their own. Most rewarding of all was Corey’s ability to have an impact on others, whether it was helping co-workers in their own development, or seeing new businesses come to Wise to revitalize the community.

We’re proud to help create jobs and job readiness programs in communities where they’re needed most, and people are responding. They are rebuilding their towns, seeing career and economic growth, and renewing hope for the future.