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No Intuit Data Breach


There has been NO data breach of Intuit’s systems.  There was NO third party that accessed Intuit systems or accessed customer information stored in those systems.

A recent blog post referencing a data breach of Intuit is inaccurate.  The document referenced in the blog post was a notification to a state that a customer’s account experienced unauthorized access by a third party using legitimate log-in credentials that Intuit believes were obtained from sources outside the company.  The individual’s account login information may have been acquired from any number of sources outside of Intuit.

In instances of unauthorized account access Intuit conducts an investigation and takes steps to secure our customers’ account and information.  A part of this process is notification to a customer of unauthorized access to their account and to select states.

The security of our products and our customers’ data is a top priority and we continue to invest in security and fraud protection.  Intuit also posts security best practices and other information on how to stay safe online on our Online Security Center that can be found at or by clicking HERE.


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