Sharing Information with Our People

Camaraderie, Transparency and Accountability

Our goal is to foster a company culture where every employee understands that they play a critical role in driving our company’s success. The two-way dialogue between senior leaders and employees that we are committed to not only maintaining, but also continually deepening, helps promote transparency, engender respect, and build trust among employees at every level of our organization.

We bring this ethos to life into our ways of working, particularly through senior managers and leadership, to imbue a sense of camaraderie, transparency and shared accountability in to our working day.

Canada Leadership Changes

Leaders at Intuit move swiftly to address organizational changes, head-on. They understand that employees want to know what impact certain issues may have on the company and that their questions are heard. When it was announced that our Canada Country Manager was leaving Intuit, Alex Chriss, EVP, Small Business and Self Employed Group, flew in from Mountain View to deliver the news in-person. He spent time providing context, giving thanks to the outgoing leader, and outlining what would and would not change. On the following day, Dominic Allon, SVP, International, flew in from the U.K. to welcome Canada to his organization, and held a live Q&A to answer questions around the changes and how he will be handling ongoing communications around the search for a new Canada Country Manager.

Open Houses

One of the ways we keep the conversation around high-level changes in the organization transparent and free flowing is by leveraging high level leadership visits. Almost every leadership visit to Intuit Canada concludes with open house interactions with employees. These interactions are a window for our employees about everything that is going on at a very broad level across Intuit globally and across Canada.

Encouraging New Ideas and a Better Way

Feedback is a Gift

At Intuit, we provide a wide variety of channels – informal and formal, in-person and virtual – for employees to ask questions and share opinions. We do this because we believe feedback is one of the most valuable ways we can improve on ourselves, both in our functional expertise, but also how we work with our colleagues to bring the best out in each other.

And it’s working. Our feedback and communications channels are one of the main drivers for new policy and practice adoption, as we continue to operate driven by the belief that our business is shaped by our employees, and that our employees must feel empowered in order to succeed.

CEO Townhall

In September and November, CEO Sasan Goodarzi visited the Edmonton and Mississauga sites, respectively. This is part of Sasan’s commitment to visit every single Intuit office location to stay ahead of what’s on the mind of employees. He has a consistent agenda for every visit where he holds employee chats with the local leadership team, engineers and early career/tenure employees, meets with local customer for D4D/product immersion sessions, conducts a one hour site-wide Townhall Q&A and ends the day with a 1:1 debrief with the site leader.

‘Feel The Pain’ Townhall

“We must be far more customer-obsessed.” CEO Sasan Goodarzi outlined this as one of the key behaviours every employee must exhibit in order to best serve our customers and meet our 2025 goals. In October, during a site Townhall, Mississauga employees set out to make a greater impact at a site-wide level by immersing themselves in an exercise that emulated the experience of a first time TurboTax customer. Every employee was tasked with filing a tax return based on a given scenario and it was without its challenges! We definitely felt the pain that some of our new customers go through when using our products.

Workplace Slack Channel

We know feedback makes a difference. And our Workplace team strives to deliver great employee experiences every day. When introducing a number of improvements and changes to our coffee and snack programs, we fell short of the goal. The team quickly regrouped, created some quick tests to determine the best program for the site, and introduced a program that employees now love. A new Slack channel was also created to capture real-time feedback to action items needing attention in a timely manner.