Millions of customers rely on Quicken® and QuickBooks® to help them manage their personal and business finances year after year. Make it easier for these valuable customers to make financial decisions, by using Intuit’s OFX Connectivity solutions to bring their banking data into the software they use every day.

Remain competitive by offering the connectivity solutions that more than 7,000 Financial Institutions already provide for their customers.

Retain customers by making it easy for them to access checking, savings, money market, line of credit and investment data.

Attract new customers by offering best-in-class connectivity to the products they count on.

Proven Data Connectivity Solutions

Intuit offers two OFX connection types that allow your customers to access and control their online banking data from within Quicken and QuickBooks desktop products. Over 90% of the top 150 U.S. banks use one (or both) of these proven solutions:

Direct Connect provides automatic connectivity that allows customers to instantly view their balances, transfer between accounts, pay bills, and download transactional data into Quicken and QuickBooks.

Web Connect offers customers manual control over their data feed, as they export from your website and import their transactions and account balances into Quicken and QuickBooks.
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Connectivity Benefits for Your Customers

No manual data entry: Once set up, the customer can download all their transactions right into Quicken or QuickBooks.

Automatically reconcile data: Complete transaction and balance information makes categorization and account reconciliation easy.

No duplicate transactions: A special transaction-matching algorithm prevents duplicate transactions.

Easier to use: Files may be automatically opened directly from the financial institution Web site – no more searching for saved files.

Automatic account setup: The first time that customers initiate a download from your financial institution Web site, Quicken and QuickBooks will set up their accounts for them—with their data already up to date.

Connectivity Benefits for Financial Institutions

Free Quicken and QuickBooks software for your OFX support team.

Monthly conference calls and quarterly newsletters with OFX and product updates, information and tips.

The opportunity to promote your brand and marketing message to your customers within Intuit products (fees apply for some placements).

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