Connectivity Types Explained

There are three connectivity types across QuickBooks, Mint and Quicken and they consist of Web Connect, Direct Connect and Express Web Connect. Web Connect and Direct Connect are directly associated with a contracted Intuit BID (Branding ID) and Express Web Connect can be added as an additional connection option to those contracted BIDs.

Web Connect - contract with Intuit or your OFX/Online Banking Provider is required

Web Connect is the connectivity type that begins in your online banking environment. End users will download a .qbo (QuickBooks) or .qfx (Quicken) file and import that file into QuickBooks or Quicken. This process does not require institution credentials to be entered in Quicken or QuickBooks since the file download occurs in the institutions online banking environment.

Products that support Web Connect: QuickBooks Desktop, QuickBooks Online and Quicken

Direct Connect - contract with Intuit or your OFX/Online Banking Provider is required

Direct Connect is one of two automatic update options that communicates directly with your OFX servers. End users do not need to log in directly to your online banking site to use this connectivity type. Once connected, updates will occur when the end user initiates a new download request from within the product. Direct Connect is the only two-way communication connectivity type, so additional services such as Bill Pay and in-product transfers can be supported. Check with your OFX/Online Banking Provider to see if these additional features are available.

Products that support Direct Connect: QuickBooks Desktop and Quicken

Express Web Connect - contract with your OFX/Online Banking Provider might be required

Express Web Connect is the second of two automatic update options. Unlike Direct Connect which communicates directly with your OFX servers, Express Web Connect utilizes aggregation to retrieve transactions from your online banking site. Intuit creates and manages this connectivity type when you have a contracted Web Connect or Direct Connect BID. Please check with your OFX/Online Banking Provider to make sure aggregation is supported by your OLB site.

Products that support Express Web Connect: QuickBooks Online, Mint and Quicken

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