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LGBTQ+ Owned Businesses to Shop with Pride


June is a time to recognize the people and small businesses built with pride each day.

Pride Month allows the LGBTQ+ community and its allies, to find connection, visibility, validation, and rejuvenation. We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite QuickBooks customers so that you can easily support LGBTQ+ owned and operated small businesses locally or online.

Craig’s Cookies

Craig’s Cookies packs passion, flavor, and nostalgia into each bite. With over 100 flavors in his arsenal, you can expect to find everything from a classic chocolate chip to maple bacon or chili chocolate. You won’t want to miss out on the limited edition Pride packaging available in-store and with shipping across Canada. (Canada-based)

Peau De Loup

Peau De Loup specializes in well-made button-downs for bodies, not gender. They’re cheeky in the way they connect, they’re classic in the product they offer and they’re strong in the message they’re trying to send.  To them, this is something much more than just a button-down. It was about creating something authentic that makes people feel the same way on the outside as they do on the inside. (Canada-based)

Hot Shot Chocolate 

Kelly Maxfield is a proud queer chocolatier offering handcrafted gourmet chocolates and virtual events as well as being a socially conscious and active supporter in the 2SLGBTQ+ community.  Welcoming custom creations and partnership collaborations, Hot Shot Chocolate aims to be an inclusive, inviting company that brings people together through our love for chocolate. (Canada-based)


MASAMI is clean, premium haircare with a Japanese ocean botanical, Mekabu, that’s all about hydration. MASAMI began with a love story — east meets west, clean beauty meets performance, James met Masa (his husband and muse). James worked for ten years formulating their salon-quality products to be high-performing and lightweight, all without sulfates parabens, and phthalates. (USA-based)

Wight Tea 

A favorite mug snug in your hands, a singing kettle, the aroma and colors of the leaves unfurling—making and drinking tea is a total experience. At Wight Tea Co, they honor that experience with a commitment to high-quality loose leaf tea and adventurous flavor blends. Baltimore-based and family-owned, siblings Brittany and Joey Wight have carefully sourced high-quality tea leaves from around the globe. (USA-based)

Michael’s Chocolates

Michael’s Chocolates was created by husbands, Michael and Curtis in 2015. As a classically trained chocolatier, Michael puts an elegant spin on classic flavors to result in a memorable and beautiful box of chocolates. From gourmet bars to a whiskey-lovers collection, there’s something for every chocolate lover. (USA-based)

Queer Candle Co. 

Ab and Al have been making candles together since 2017. Each candle is topped with a visual representation of the scent, generally herbs and flowers, but sometimes including dehydrated fruits or salt rocks. Their soy wax candles burn longer and cleaner than paraffin options, and their attention to detail in sourcing materials means that the fragrances are fresh, non-toxic, and authentic. (USA-based)

FLAVNT Streetwear

FLAVNT Streetwear is a clothing line for the LGBTQIA+ community by the LGBTQIA+ Community. Founded in 2014 in Austin by twin siblings, Chris and Courtney, FLAVNT is all about promoting self-love, pride, and giving back. A portion of sales are donated to trans individuals fundraising for gender-affirming surgeries. In the last 7 years they have raised over $30,000 between 14 individuals. (USA-based)

Intrigue Chocolate Co 

From farmer to botanist to brewer to baker to chocolate maker, Chef Aaron Barthel’s life has been an exploration of fine and simple things.  He handcrafts small batches of craft chocolate with care to coax the chocolate into telling its own story. At Intrigue, they hope to provide you with tasting experiences you can gift and share with coworkers, friends, and family. (USA-based)

Light + Paper

It was a fateful day one December, when Ali decided to try a new craft. Using a borrowed box cutter and her kitchen cutting board, Ali created her first papercutting. After falling in love with cutting paper, Light & Paper was born. Preferring a blade to a pen, Ali first creates her designs by cutting paper by hand. These intricate, unique patterns are then transformed into a variety of fun lasercut housewares. Light & Paper items are now available to purchase online as well as in a variety of brick and mortar locations. (Canada-based)