Growing with Intuit

Intuit isn’t just a great place to work, but a place where you can grow.

At Intuit, we believe that growth is a beautiful thing, not only for our company but for our employees as well. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce that Intuit was recently recognized as one of Canada’s Best Workplaces for Professional Development. This honor is followed by another recent accolade, being named on the Forbes list of Canada’s Best Employers 2024.

Intuit employees have a variety of avenues and resources available to them to explore their career development. From meaningful mentorship to job rotations for developing skills outside your team, we see growth as an essential part of being at Intuit.

Just ask Himanshu Sharma, who started at Intuit as a co-op student, and has now developed into a full-stack Senior Software Engineer with 5 years of experience and a Machine Learning patent under his belt. 

As a company, we prioritize uninterrupted time to refine your craft. Twice a year, Intuit hosts Global Engineering Days (GED), a week for our technologists to break ‌from routine and dive into a passion project of their choice. This not only encourages ‌creative freedom, but is dedicated time to collaborate with and learn from colleagues across the globe. 

Check out how our technologists in Toronto fueled their growth at GED this past Fall:

When our employees grow, we grow too. No matter where you are in your career, Intuit is passionate about creating an environment that fosters growth and the continuous building of one’s professional toolkit. We are proud to be recognized as one of Canada’s Best Workplaces for Professional Development, and look forward to continuing our steadfast commitment to our employees and their professional success.