Global Engineering Days 2023 – a week on the road to beautiful code

Nearly 5,000 technologists from across Intuit, Mailchimp, and Credit Karma participated in Global Engineering Days (GED) last month.

GED is a weeklong code-a-thon that brings together Intuit technologists from all over the world to innovate and collaborate on projects they’re passionate about. 

This fall’s GED had a number of “firsts”: 

#1: Intuit’s Chief Technology Officer, Alex Balazs kicked off the week in Bangalore, India. Over 1,000 technologists from our India office came together in person to watch the GED kickoff, hosted by Alex. Watch the highlights from GED at Intuit India:

#2: Over 250 Credit Karma “Karmanauts” took part in the event for the first time from the Credit Karma offices in Oakland, California and Charlotte, North Carolina.

#3: This year’s Gallery Walk saw record engagement, with 563 GED projects on display. The grand finale of GED, known as the Gallery Walk, gives teams a chance to showcase the results of a week of focused effort. Technologists shared their ideas and innovative solutions with employees and senior leaders at all 14 GED locations.

Fall 2023 GED in a nutshell

  • 4,969 total employee participants
  • 14 Intuit sites’ participation
  • 2,037 projects (495 of which used GenAI)
  • 563 total Gallery Walk demonstrations

There was a lot of excitement and innovation around GenAI earlier in the year—and this fall’s GED was no different. There was a wide range of GenAI projects focused on both internal and external customer solutions, addressing things like accuracy measurement, recommendation engines, test case generation, and more.

Hundreds of innovative solutions that started as ‌GED projects have grown into valuable consumer offerings and velocity-enhancing tools for Intuit employees and consumers. 

We can’t wait for the next GED in the spring!