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Crowdsourcing Career Wisdom, One Tweet at a Time

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In honor of Women’s History Month, we’re celebrating women and their allies worldwide. As the proud maker of TurboTax, QuickBooks, and Mint, we believe that we’re stronger when we come together to empower and lift each other up. 


That’s why on International Women’s Day, we turned to Twitter to ask people to share their favorite piece of career advice. You shared advice that has inspired you and ranges from the importance of having a continual learning mindset, to mentoring and teamwork, and being your whole self at work. Below, we’ve pulled together some of our favorites. We hope that they will inspire you as much as you have inspired us.


Embrace a learning mindset

A growth mindset is its own reward and can help set anyone up for success. When we stay open to learning and new possibilities, and we’re willing to put in the work to build new skills, the sky’s the limit.


Always have a desire to continually evolve and expand your skills. Don’t be afraid to raise your hand for higher-risk opportunities even when you don’t think you are ready.” – Lara Balazs, Intuit Chief Marketing Officer & GM, Strategic Partnership Group


“What would you want to do if you knew you’d be successful? Don’t be afraid to push & stretch yourself into new spaces and roles!” – Cassie Divine, SVP QuickBooks Online Platform


“Always have a positive attitude and embrace opportunities to try something new. You may find that you enjoy something you never imagined would appeal to you. No matter what, you’ll have knowledge & experience that can help you with another project or later in your career.” – Mari Pullen, Intuit Senior Communications Manager


Own your own career development

No one else owns it but you. It’s part of being bold—one of our core values. Some great tips here on what you can do to take charge of your career.


Own your development and your career. Be selfish—and ask for what you need and want. Always strive to over-prepare and over-deliver. Do the hard stuff. Run to great opportunities, not away from something.” – Patti Newcomer, VP Marketing


“Always say yes and make your own opportunities, don’t wait for things to happen.” – Kara Defrias, Chief of Staff, QuickBooks Online Platform


“You don’t have to be boxed in, you can create your own path.” – Aliza Carpio, Principal Tech Evangelist, as shared by Kimbra Brookstein, Senior Program Manager, Tech Women at Intuit


“Take time to think through and document what drives you. This can help you shape your current role and strategically evaluate new opportunities.” – Julia Falkowski, Senior Content Designer sharing advice from her mentor, Susan Edwards, Associate Director at Hammer Museum


Speak up and share your ideas

It’s only human to doubt yourself, and speaking up sometimes takes courage — especially when what you have to say differs from what the rest of the group is saying. When you speak up though, sometimes you’ll find that you’re not alone and others were thinking the same thing. 


Be the squeaky wheel and speak up! Trust yourself and know that your ideas are probably good ideas. Always recognize the value you are bringing to the table.” – Shelby Cohen, Senior Software Engineer


“Don’t aim to make people feel comfortable at the expense of making yourself uncomfortable.” – Athena, a non-profit powering the leadership journey for women in STEM


“If you always try to choose comfort and security, you are most likely not going to grow! Take risks and learn from your mistakes!” – Banani Medhi, Software Engineer


Support your team and community

Many of you shared the importance of amplifying your contribution to your larger team through mentoring and fostering the sense of a supportive community.


“Strive to create a team culture where everyone has each other’s back.” – Shrisha Radhakrishna, VP Product Development


“Everyone’s gifted, we just need to discover it. Seek to work with people who help you find your hidden genius and value you for it.” – Vijay Anand, SVP Product Development


“Learn to lift others up even if they got an opportunity you wanted before you did. You never know how that person will bring you up later on.” – Katy Kahla, Development Manager


“As mothers and women who have a career, we have a lot of responsibilities juggling both. My favorite advice is to learn to say no. It takes courage especially if a senior leader is asking, but be bold & prioritize those tasks that help the bigger team win.” – Tracey Stewart, Senior Program Manager


Don’t be afraid to ask for help

There’s no such thing as a stupid question, and sometimes having the courage to ask for help – or that raise – can also help others.


“Asking for help isn’t a sign of weakness, it’s a sign of strength. Don’t be afraid to ask, and then remember to return the favor.” – Rocio Montes, Staff Software Engineer


“Ask questions, ask for help, and actively listen. Do the work to know your worth and get comfortable asking for it. If you have your footing, raise others up!” – Allana Graham, Marketing Specialist


Be yourself

You can do the best work of your life only when you’re able to bring your whole self to work. 


“Be yourself. No seriously. Adjust where necessary but still be you. This has always helped me to stay authentic, unafraid, and ready to take on any challenge.” – Amber O’Banion, Staff Program Manager


When we come together, speak our minds, and bring our full self to work, the best ideas can rise to the top. While Women’s History Month is coming to a close, we hope you find this advice to be helpful year-round. Just getting started? Check out the full thread for more career advice from your peers worldwide!