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Intuit CIO on Cultivating a Career You Love

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How does a pre-med English major at Stanford end up at the helm of Intuit’s information technology and security operations? 

In his 19 years with Intuit, Chief Information and Security Officer Atticus Tysen’s responsibilities have ranged from intellectual property and product management to engineering, IT, and security. In that time, some things have remained constant: a passion for applying technology to everyday life, a refusal to settle for the status quo, and a strong belief that good leadership depends on empathy, openness, and a sense of shared purpose.

In a recent Net Effects podcast, Atticus shared his career journey – and lessons learned. Highlights of the conversation include cultivating a career you love, creating the right kind of opportunities for yourself, keeping remote workers engaged and supported, and making sure an organization’s efforts are aligned with its mission. 

You can listen to the full podcast here


Atticus Tysen is Chief Information and Security Officer at Intuit, responsible for the applications supporting the company’s human resources, finance, marketing and sales, and support organizations, as well as its security and fraud prevention operations. Previous roles at the company include vice president of product development for Intuit’s Financial Management Solutions group, director of new technology, and head of the company’s patent program. Tysen earned a B.S. in computer science from Stanford University.