Responsible AI helps small businesses grow and do more.

For more than 5 years, Intuit has been driving AI innovation to help small businesses grow and do more. Our AI tools empower small businesses in new ways to solve their most important financial problems.

Woman working in front of her desk, behind her a collage of sticky notes
Woman working in front of her desk, behind her a collage of sticky notes

Intuit’s mission is to power prosperity around the world and help customers and communities overcome their most important financial challenges. Helping small businesses succeed is personal for us. Small businesses power local communities and are the economic engines of countries all over the world, but more than half don’t survive beyond their fifth year. 

As a company, Intuit is committed to helping our small business customers beat the odds. One way we’re doing this is by putting artificial intelligence (AI) tools in the hands of small businesses. We’ve been doing this for over five years—driving AI innovation to help our customers solve their most important problems. We’ve been a leader in taking the technology that big businesses use and tailoring it to match small business needs. 

In early September, we announced Intuit Assist, a new generative AI (GenAI)-powered assistant designed to provide personalized, intelligent recommendations to help our consumer and small business customers make smart financial decisions with less work and complete confidence, enabling them to put more money in their pockets.

In QuickBooks, we’re using AI to provide guidance to small businesses on how to adapt, react, and make informed business decisions. From surfacing cash flow hot spots to identifying top-selling products and spending anomalies, we’re helping small business owners make more money with less work.

In Mailchimp, we’re leveraging AI to help businesses personalize marketing at scale and make data-backed decisions to measure, fine-tune, and optimize campaigns. With just a few clicks, our AI tools can help businesses draft a custom email, and then change the tone, the text, and the images, all based on the guidance it’s given. This can help business owners create personalized experiences at scale and boost revenue. 

And for consumers, Intuit Assist is helping with personal finance and taxes in Credit Karma and TurboTax. We’re excited about the positive impact that our AI tools can have—especially on small businesses.

Intuit’s AI tools help small businesses grow and do more. 

Every small business owner wears multiple hats—from CEO, CFO, and CMO, to managing inventory, and fulfilling or delivering orders. Intuit’s AI empowers small businesses to do more by serving personalized insights, providing recommendations, saving time, and helping owners make informed financial decisions. In fact, more than two-thirds of small businesses believe AI can help them succeed

For Alexandra Daras, the founder and CEO of The Pretty Pink Rooster, a women’s boutique that focuses on looking and feeling great without the hefty price tag, business is a family affair. Her mom, Mary Beth, is one of their primary buyers, while her sister, Monica is the Director of Operations, her sister Olivia handles social media and digital, and Krista works on product development. AI provides another set of hands for them. 

“QuickBooks was a lifesaver for me,” Daras said. “The Cashflow Planner is really great because it gives me the opportunity to plan ahead and see what next month might look like.” For many small businesses, QuickBooks helps deliver personalized insights which would otherwise take up time, or require an extra set of hands. Daras goes on to say, “It really helps me keep a steady track of what is coming into the store, how I’m spending, how everything is allocated— as a small business owner, that’s everything.”

At Bailey Builds, husband and wife co-owners,  Anna and Nathanael Bailey, have built a small business that not only makes unique and beautiful art, but also works to make a difference in their local community of Duluth, MN. “Eight years ago, I was working in my garage making furniture, and there was scrap wood on the ground. I didn’t want it to go to waste, so I thought, ‘I’m going to make art out of it,’” said Anna, “and now, eight years down the line, we’ve worked with national brands, which is just mind-blowing.”

The Baileys have used AI in a lot of ways they never imagined, but what’s the most exciting is freeing up time so they can focus more on what matters. The couple told us, “AI has been a really good tool for our team. The efficiency gained from the AI in Mailchimp have helped our team do their jobs better, giving them more time to help us grow our business in new ways.” 

We believe AI should be designed and used responsibly to help people.

AI can be a powerful tool for small businesses, but it also must be used and deployed responsibly. All Intuit products are built in keeping with our strong commitment to data privacy, security, and responsible AI governance. Intuit works to safeguard customer data and protects privacy using industry-leading technology and practices, and adheres to responsible AI principles, which guide how we operate and scale our AI-driven expert platform responsibly. We operationalize our AI principles through a governance model designed to identify risk and prevent potential identified harms. Our multi-disciplinary approach to governance includes internal review, executive level oversight through our AI Governance Committee, employee training, and channels for stakeholder feedback. 

We strive to use AI to improve the financial lives of everyone—from the small business on main street to the online entrepreneurs leveraging digital tools to reach more people across the country.

Learn more about the small businesses we’re highlighting in our campaign:

  • Bailey Builds. Located in Duluth, MN, Bailey Builds strives towards inspiring community through art. They offer wood mosaics, jewelry, and home decor featuring their designs and those of local artisans.
  • Brown Sugar by Kesha Janaan. Located in New Mexico, Brown Sugar’s mission is to create natural skincare products that are environmentally friendly, ethically sourced, and accessible to everyone.
  • The Pretty Pink Rooster. The Pretty Pink Rooster helps women look and feel fabulous, without the hefty price tag. Based in New Jersey, the in-store and online boutique offers elegant and affordable jewelry, gifts, accessories, and clothing for Whatever Your Day Brings®.
  • Wight Tea Company. Maryland-based Wight Tea Company offers uniquely crafted tea blends and high-end single estate teas, all hand-blended for their specialized flavors.