Doing my best work as a software engineer while living my best life

Software engineer Matteo Ciccozzi chronicles his experience with Intuit from a career fair in college to how he's growing in his current role.

What’s one reason software engineer Matteo Ciccozzi loves being part of Intuit? His work supports our mission to power prosperity around the world. Another reason? The fantastic company culture and benefits. Find out more about Matteo’s experience and his favorite perks as part of his role.

Why I joined Intuit

The night before a career fair at University of California, Berkeley, I watched an Intuit ad that showed a machine-learning engineer explaining their day-to-day duties. I felt inspired and thought it could be a good fit based on the type of work that the engineer in the video described. The thing that stuck out the most from that conversation was how diverse Intuit is when it comes to projects and roles.

Being such a big company that touches so many different areas, it truly feels like there are plenty of opportunities to work on interesting projects. The drive to innovate and connect different products within the company gives Intuit the energy of a startup-like environment.

I met an Intuit engineer at the career fair and started chatting. We talked about some of my research in the field of graph theory and big data, and the tool (neo4j) that both of us were interested in. Having that conversation with the Intuit engineers at the career fair made me realize that I wanted to work at Intuit.

My role covers many responsibilities 

I work on a very small team with micro-services and event-driven architecture at its core. Most of my time is spent writing Spark and Scala code to support our goal to democratize data. Occasionally, there is also the need to maintain some legacy code, however, most of my time is spent developing new features.

I also support our customers, which in this case are Intuit data scientists, data analysts, and other data engineers. We have some pipelines that are used for critical reporting, so it’s important to ensure our monitoring and alerting processes are working correctly.

Oftentimes, we’ll also receive requests directly in our support channel, so it’s critical to keep an eye on that as well. Recently I started writing technical documents for new features and projects—and I’ve found it’s the responsibility I enjoy the most.

I have grown tremendously in my time at Intuit

There are countless courses that are offered by the Tech Learning Team and employees are encouraged to take them. All you need to do is simply mention it to your manager and coordinate with them—some of the courses can even lead to you obtaining a certification.

As I mentioned, my team mostly works with Spark, and every year we have the incredible opportunity to attend the AI & Data Summit offered by Databricks. During this summit, we can take really specialized courses taught by Databricks Engineers. We also have the opportunity to learn about the numerous applications of the latest technologies in the data engineering environment.

Why I love it here

There is an incredible sense of community at Intuit, and everyone is always ready to go above and beyond to help you. One of our values, Stronger Together, truly speaks to our culture.

The benefits are truly incredible, and chances are you’ll find a benefit for anything you may need. But the benefit that I didn’t expect? Our Recharge Days. Every year, employees around the world have an extra week of paid time off of work at the end of December. We use it to disconnect from our projects and get mentally recharged. This is on top of the vacation time we have.

I also appreciate our Well-Being for Life program, which gives employees $1,300 to spend on anything related to mental or physical health. I surf a lot, so I typically use the money for surf-related items, like a new surfboard or wetsuit.

Work-life balance is very important to me, especially now that the hybrid model—which means working 2-3 days per week onsite—is the new normal. With Intuit, I always have the time to practice things I enjoy outside of the office, and that helps me be more productive when I’m focused on the exciting work in front of us.

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