Flexible Work that Works: Revolutionizing Tax and Bookkeeping Careers with Intuit

As a busy soccer mom with a husband in active-duty military service and her own small side business to run, Nina Roach struggled to find a career that provided the flexibility her fast-paced life demanded. Through Intuit’s Expert Network, Nina found the flexibility and freedom to score goals in her bookkeeping career, too.

Nina spends her weekends cheering for her kids from the sidelines. “Soccer is what we breathe around here. It’s amazing seeing your child do something that they love and enjoy,” Nina said. 

But she never dreamed her career would be sidelined. Just eight days into her hard-won dream job, Nina’s husband was stationed across the country, a pattern that became the norm for Nina and her family. She’d start a new position and then they’d have to move. “It’s really hard being a military spouse. Everywhere we move, my husband has a job, but for myself and the kids, we always have to start all over again.”

How Intuit’s flexible career options change the game 

As Nina’s family commitments grew and the moves became more frequent, she struggled to find a role that matched her qualifications and her needs. With two degrees under her belt, Nina wanted a job that matched her career aspirations and gave her the flexibility to be active in her kids’ lives. 

In her search for the perfect role, Nina discovered the Intuit Expert Network and a potential opportunity that checked all the boxes. She applied, and within three weeks was working remotely as a QuickBooks Live Expert Bookkeeper.

Nina’s part-time career with Intuit allows her the flexibility to create a schedule that works for her. “I work for Intuit from 9 AM to 1 PM, which gives me time afterward to work on my own private business that I own. And then I’m able to go pick up my daughter from school before it’s off to sports and other activities in the evenings.” 

Nina connects with as many as 30 customers a week, using her expertise to help them manage their books and feel confident that their business is in the best possible shape for future success. “I just like getting on with the customers and really digging into their books and feeling like I can solve their issues. And being a business owner myself, I feel like I can really relate with them,” she said. 

Intuit Experts enjoy work-life balance while helping customers thrive

Today, Nina works from her home in New Braunfels, Texas, and she didn’t have to start over and find a new job when her family moved there, which is one of the many benefits that working with Intuit QuickBooks Live provides. She simply logged back on after the move and continued making a difference for Intuit’s customers. 

Through the Intuit Expert Network, Nina has the flexibility she always wanted. “It’s just amazing to find something that allowed me to be with customers without losing important time with my family.” And she even has time to grow her own small business to help supplement the family financially, no matter where the military might take them next.

What has the career flexibility of the Intuit Expert Network meant to Nina? “I felt like I was being challenged. I was able to use my brain and use all these years of education and hard work that I put in, and I didn’t have to give all of it up to be a mother.”

Explore opportunities with Intuit Expert Network

The Intuit Expert Network is changing the game by building the world’s largest professional network, with career opportunities that are far more flexible than traditional roles. Along the way, Intuit is revolutionizing the way consumers and small businesses access financial expertise. It’s a win-win for Intuit experts and customers!

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