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Allyship with the Asia Pacific community

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Celebrated nationally in May, we are elevating voices in celebration of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month– a time to honor and support the Asians and Pacific Islanders who have shaped America’s history and contributed to its past and future successes. 

At Intuit, we strive to foster a culture of inclusion that focuses on equity and helps build a sense of community so that employees feel like they belong. We know that this requires effort from everyone, and that starts with allyship.

We spoke with our Asia Pacific Islander Network members to learn what being a true ally means in light of the heartbreaking attacks on the community– here’s what they shared. 


My team member demonstrated she 
was an ally when she reached out to me privately in light of the Georgia incident. 
I immediately felt the warmth of her support both as a work colleague and, more importantly, as a human being. I knew she understood and "saw" me. -Sheryl Delrosario Software Engineer (Apprentice)

Ally tip: Sometimes the most impactful thing you can do is to show your colleagues you care. From sending a private message in Slack or sharing during a one-on-one conversation, a simple acknowledgment lets your colleague know that you’re thinking about them and that you’re aware of events affecting the community.


Being an ally is acknowledging 
and affirming what is currently happening within the Asian Pacific community. It can be as simple as sharing that you’re here to support. -Ene Siong Senior Marketing Manager

Ally tip: While you may not mean it, not reaching out to our colleagues can be interpreted as not caring. We all have a lot to learn and it is OK if you don’t get it “right” or perfect. Be genuine and humble and express your commitment to learning in this space.


Respect and welcome cultural differences, as well as how we view and tackle challenges with unique perspectives. -Xiaozhe Yang, Service Operations and Process Excellence Leader

Ally tip: Look for ways to ask others about their culture and remember that we all have the power to champion diverse voices and create an environment where everyone feels comfortable to share their thoughts.


Being an ally is holding space for one another, and making those who share their experiences or stories feel heard and seen. -Alysa Trinidad, Senior Visual Designer

Ally tip: During an upcoming team meeting, make space for employees to share their stories and experiences as a way to help others understand what the employee and the larger community is going through. Be sure to reach out to employees first to see if they would be comfortable sharing, but this approach can help build empathy among your entire team.


To be an ally is to make sure everyone feels loved, safe and accepted in your presence, and to make a space for everyone in your circle. -Sherissa Berti, Senior Service & Support Specialist + Webinar Specialist for QuickBooks Time, WCGB Boise Co-Chair

Ally tip:  Inclusion enables people from all walks of life to succeed in their own authentic way. Check out Intuit’s Leading Inclusively trainings for ways you can lead by example and inspire others to do the same.


Make space to intentionally ask how people are feeling and genuinely listen to individual points of view and experiences - acknowledge the issues on an ongoing basis, not only when there's heightened media attention. -Audrey Ahn, Senior HR Advisor

Ally tip: When expressing support to team members that you manage, show empathy by centering the conversation on the team members’ needs. If one-on-one, be sure to ask about their preferred method of communication (email, Zoom, Slack or phone call). If on Zoom, ask if the team member would prefer to be off-camera. Make it a habit to practice this approach on a regular basis.


To have a sense of belonging is to open communication with others and support one another. I was raised to treat others with respect and that includes not to speak up if others are wrong, even if difficult. I am slowly working to change that for myself, my community, and for our future generations. -Joyce Lee, Staff Technical Data Analyst

Ally tip: Visit our resource guide to help educate yourself to help drive understanding, empathy and action around racial injustice and how you can make a difference by standing up for others.


We’re Stronger Together and truly at our best when we support each other, especially through difficult moments. Being an ally is the first step in supporting the Asia Pacific community this month and beyond.

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