Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month by supporting small business owners

This year, we’re celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month by recognizing the significant strides of Hispanics in the U.S. under the national theme “Latinos: Driving Prosperity, Power, and Progress in America.”

We’ve compiled a shopping guide from Hispanic and Latino-owned businesses as part of our efforts to support the Latino community. We’re proud to highlight this group of Hispanic and Latino entrepreneurs as a part of Hispanic Heritage Month and celebrate the cultures, achievements, and diversity of this community. 

¡Bienvenidos al Mercado!

Welcome to the Market!


Nopalera provides a bolder body experience through its clean collection of bath and body products powered by Mexico’s Nopal cactus. As a Latina-owned brand, Nopalera exists to champion the richness of Mexican heritage, but also the resilience they see within their customer community. The team sees you as a reflection of their cultured boldness, and a reminder of the strength in natural beauty born from their native land.

Blank Tag Co.

Blank Tag Co. is a woman and Latino-owned sticker brand based in Los Angeles, CA, making stickers of all the things people love. During a trip in Tokyo, founders, Alondra and Remi, ran into a sticker company that inspired them to start one in the US. After trial and error, the team started making stickers authentic to them, which put their company on the map. The founders are focused on helping fans create a deeper connection with their favorite characters through stickers.


Tragos Games creates unique party games that celebrate Latino culture through fun prompts and references everyone can relate to. Inspired by her love for tabletop games and desire to connect more with her Colombian and Dominican roots, Founder Carolina Acosta created her first game, Tragos, in 2019. Since then, Tragos Games has rolled out more games in English and Spanish, so ‌younger audiences can continue pushing for more cultural representation of the Latino community.

Martha of Miami

Martha Valdes grew up watching her Cuban immigrant parents build and scale a business and worked side by side with them for as long as she can remember. To feed her creative side, she started making t-shirt designs for her kickball teams and designing little gifts for friends. One day while creating some designs, she accidentally pasted an image of a pineapple on the same artboard as an image of a Cuban coffee cup. Immediately, her brain processed the meaning of the two juxtaposed images (piña + colada) and realized how cheeky it was. She scoured Etsy to see if anything similar existed, and when she couldn’t find anything, she knew that she was onto something. She started selling that design under the company name, Martha of Miami, a nod to her parents’ company (Valsan of Miami). Customers liked Martha’s wit and style, and when she designed and trademarked the “Cuban-Bred” design, her brand was really put on the map. Eventually, she left the family business to focus on growing her own, and in 2019 she opened her first retail location.

Oaktown Spice Shop

When founders John Beaver and Erica Perez moved to Oakland in 2009, they found a community that placed immense value on food. But they noticed that while people were buying their produce at the farmer’s market and their meat at the butcher shop, they weren’t putting as much thought into where they bought their spices.

That’s where Okatown Spice Shop was born. Named one of the world’s best spice shops by Food & Wine Magazine, Oaktown Spice Shop provides the best-tasting spices sourced from around the globe, ground in-house for the freshest, boldest, and most resonant flavors. 

De La Calle

Founded by Alex Matthews and Rafael Martin Del Campo, De La Calle is a rapidly growing brand known for its authentic, refreshing Tepache beverages. Tepache is a fermented beverage that has been made in Mexico for centuries. Thousands of versions of Tepache exist, each varying in the regional spices and fruits used, but the core of it all is pineapples. Rafael grew up learning how to make Tepache from his abuela in Mexico and now resides in Southern California, where he and Alex are on a mission to make Tepache a household staple in the US. 

​​La Parea Wellness

La Parea Wellness is a women-owned and operated company that provides natural relief and clean beauty solutions for your optimal self-care needs. They strongly believe that health and wellness dictates your ability to live life to the fullest, and founder Samantha Moise works around the clock to help people be their best selves. All their products aim to create synergy in your day-to-day life by using both traditional and innovative recipes.

Mighty Kind

Nadine Fonseca is on a mission to build a brighter, kinder, and more inclusive future. She founded Mighty Kind, an education multimedia company, to support learners of all ages using the universal concept of kindness as a bridge for anti-racist and anti-bias learning. A collaboration of contributors from around the world, the Mighty Kind magazine series for kids creates opportunities to learn from diverse perspectives and flex the empathy-building muscles these rising global citizens already have.

Bomba Curls

Lulu Cordero is the CEO and founder of Bomba Curls, a clean, sustainable, and wellness-based curl care brand inspired by Cordero’s Afro-Dominican roots. Bomba Curls is her love letter to curls and coils, and her decadent natural products seek to empower women to celebrate the skin they are in and define their own standard of beauty. Bomba Curls is a clean, certified cruelty-free and award-winning curl care brand rooted in the traditional beauty secrets of the Dominican Republic. Bomba is the celebration of curls, kinks, and melanin.

Sweet Joy Bites

Brigadeiros are irresistibly smooth, rich, bite-size Brazilian gourmet truffles. Its artisanal aesthetic and flavor profile makes them stand out among your typical truffles, creating an elevated dessert experience. Founder Raquel Silva’s fondest memory in the kitchen was when her grandmother taught her to make her first batch of brigadeiros.


Caminito collaborates with a family of weavers in a small artisan town in Mexico to design blankets with new patterns and color-ways that are inspired by artisanal traditions. Caminito means little path. The mother and daughter founder team chose this name so they could focus on inspiring people to use blankets, enjoy a slower pace, sit in nature, watch the clouds, enjoy a friend’s company, and appreciate the handmade.

Loisa offers seasoning blends, sauces, and kitchenware to give your Latin cooking an authentic kick. Made with all organic ingredients and free from dyes or preservatives, these high-quality spices will be your not-so-secret weapon to recreating your family recipes.

The Jacquez Family created The Pinole Project as an homage to their mighty abuela, Adela. Adela was a strong Mexican woman who prioritized fueling herself and her family with ancestral foods that provided long-lasting, plant-based energy, including Pinole, an Aztec Superfood.

Regina Trillo created Nemi Snacks to share a little taste of México with you. All products are naturally gluten free, vegan, and made from sustainable food for a snack that nourishes your body while bringing some liveliness, color, and joy to your pantry.

De La Calle’s co-founder crafts each Tepache recipe by drawing inspiration from his Abuela and childhood in Mexico. This ancient recipe, passed down through generations, features a fermented pineapple base and is full of flavor while low on calories and sugar. Made with fresh organic ingredients as well as spices and aromatics found through Mexico, every flavor applies a modern twist to nostalgic combinations.

For anyone whose robe needs an upgrade, meet Bathen. Ethically made and never boring, this female-founded after-bath brand features robes, wraps, and accessories that will make drying off your new favorite activity.

COVEDOZA is an Afro-Latina owned lifestyle and apparel brand that spotlights the limitless potential of women artists of color. Founder Elisa Molina drew on her Peace Corps experience to create a platform that inspires artist collaborations instead of competition. Every piece of art apparel, poster, phone case, and mug available in this shop is illustrated by hand.

Hello gorgeous curls, adiós plastic! Vida Bars provides salon-quality products for curly hair while minimizing the impact to the environment. Formulated without sulfates, silicones, parabens, artificial fragrances, and phthalates, Vida Bars reinvigorate curly hair while fighting to reduce the 550 million plastic bottles of shampoo that are used and discarded every year, in the US alone.

The founders of FILLO’s realized there must be millions like them who value both their Latin American roots and their downtime.  Today, their line of ready-to-eat sofrito beans and grains can be\found in retail accounts nationally and online. Their hope is that FILLO’S reminds many people of home with bold flavors and comforting spices.

During the pandemic, Jamahl and Natalie Grace decided to spend some of their new free time making candles from scratch. Now the husband and wife team offer a diverse collection of scents that soothe and invigorate. All Grace+Love products are made in small batches, hand-poured, hand-packaged, and curated with care.

Hija de tu Madre is a Latina lifestyle brand for girls that are proud of their culture.  Started by Patty Delgado in 2016 to honor a dream of seeing more Latina representation in fashion, it now boasts collections of apparel, jewelry, and office accessories to empower jefas everywhere.

Nativa is a Mexican lifestyle brand that partners with more than 500 artisans all over Mexico, showcasing traditional embroidery and weaving techniques. As a result, Nativa is able to share with the world beautiful, curated collections of apparel, homegoods and gifts, while building sustainable, lasting relationships with those artisan communities.

Saucy Lips

Natalia and Jess grew up in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico, eating delicious meals made by their mother, Gabriela. After moving to the US, the family started selling Gabriela’s delicious and saucy creations at local farmers’ markets. Their goal? To share Gabriela’s authentic Mexican creations and bring families back to the table with good food. With the help of their women-led team, Saucy Lips has expanded into retailers nationwide.

Siempre Soups is vegan and gluten-free, made with simple all-natural ingredients thoughtfully combined to provide maximum nutrition. All of the flavors were created to be served hot or cold.  They package the soups in modern BPA-free jars which allows for easy consumption on the go.

The Bookworm of Vallejo

As a woman-owned, minority business, they know it is important to think globally! Their items are carefully chosen to represent different nationalities and cultures. They also provide educational items for the individual, family, and classroom to enhance lifelong learning.

Formosa Hot Sauce

A cherished family recipe inspired Formosa Hot Sauce. They use a slow-cooking process—with only the freshest ingredients and traditional techniques—so that each bottle is handcrafted to perfection.