Intuit and Khan Academy team up to offer free financial education to students and teachers

Intuit aims to engage over 50 million students to become financially confident by 2030

Today, we announced a new initiative with Khan Academy that aims to empower educators and students with free financial education tools. With the help of Khan Academy, we’re working toward our goal of engaging 50 million students with free learning resources by 2030.

Intuit and Khan Academy have a shared goal to provide free financial resources to all high school students across the United States. Students who learn using the resources in Khan Academy’s financial education course can find relevant, accessible, and engaging content to help them on their journey toward financial success.

“Intuit has been a global leader in financial technology for over 40 years, and we are committed to building financial confidence for the current and next generations. We are excited to work with Khan Academy as part of our team’s goal to engage and help 50M students become financially confident by 2030,” says Dave Zasada, Intuit’s VP of Corporate Responsibility.

“Our partnership with Khan Academy aims to help simplify and provide access to personal finance tools and foster confidence and capability among students.”

Dave Zasada, Intuit VP of Corporate Responsibility

Intuit’s research reveals that many Gen-Zers struggle with personal finance, which leads to uncertainty about their future. With these resources, students can learn to build higher credit scores, increase savings, and make better borrowing choices. Also, in a related teacher resource section, there are links to Intuit tools that explain complex financial concepts with simulations using real-world tools including Intuit TurboTax and Credit Karma.

“Intuit and Khan Academy will enable people to take control of their finances, step-by-step,” says Khan Academy Founder and Chief Executive Officer Sal Khan. “Learners will acquire essential knowledge about how to manage their money that could make a significant impact on their finances over time. Intuit’s support will help make these important resources free and readily available to many people.”

The new resources, supported with funding from Intuit, are available now.