Intuit Innovation Lab: Providing Empathetic Financial Assistance Using Emotion Recognition

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To explore how emerging technologies can further enhance our customers’ experiences, we hosted our first-ever Innovation Lab in San Francisco – an evening dedicated to shaping the future of FinTech through conversations with industry leaders, and demonstrations of experiments featuring different applications of emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, behavioral science, emotion recognition, and blockchain.


Chances are, you’ve probably felt frustrated or perplexed at least once while managing your personal or business finances. So it’s about time someone programmed a little empathy into AI-powered virtual assistants!

The goal of this experiment from Cindy Osmon, Principal Software Engineer at Intuit, is to learn if natural language understanding and emotional speech analysis can be applied during a customer experience to reach a deeper emotional connection. “We’re using third-party analysis to determine whether a sentence is sad or happy,” Osmon explained. “Text-to-speech isn’t enough.”

And who better to find an emotional connection with than a cute, little puppy?

Stay tuned for more deep dives into various experiments we conducted and demonstrated at our Innovation Lab event!

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