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Our Prosperity Hub program is expanding globally

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At Intuit, the proud maker of TurboTax, QuickBooks and Mint, we’re on a mission to power prosperity around the world, especially for those who need it most. The Prosperity Hub program is designed to spark durable economic growth to regional communities, in support of the small business and entrepreneurship ecosystem, through job creation and access to training. We’re excited to announce that we’re expanding this program globally, starting with Canada.

Our Prosperity Hub in Corner Brook will be bringing 45 new full-time jobs to Newfoundland and Labrador, the easternmost province of Canada, through the introduction of a Prosperity Hub in Corner Brook. The initiative serves to build resiliency for communities and their residents by providing work-from-home jobs for communities of people seeking opportunities. The roles will support QuickBooks and TurboTax customers and the program will be run in partnership with Sitel Group, a leading global customer experience management company.

“At Intuit, we believe everyone has the opportunity to prosper,” said Mark Notarainni, Chief Customer Success Officer at Intuit. “In Canada, there are communities outside of large metropolitan areas that are in need of opportunities like those the Corner Brook community. Prosperity Hub will create. We’re thrilled to connect local talent with job opportunities and education through the Prosperity Hub program, and together we’ll create awesome experiences for our global customers.”

The Prosperity Hub program is part of our new initiative that is accelerating the company’s commitment to making a positive impact on the world through its products and people. To date, the program has already created 1,500 new jobs across five communities in the U.S. and will fund 1,500 additional full-time jobs by 2021. In addition to sparking economic prosperity in regional communities, the program also provides remote job opportunities for communities of people with limited job prospects – i.e. people with families in the military or of varying abilities. 

We fundamentally believe everyone deserves to prosper and are inspired to continue the ripple effect that Intuit, its customers and employees are creating together to power prosperity in local communities and for people in need. city by city, community by community. We know that together, we prosper. 

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  1. The news of the Cornerbrook Prosperity Hub is a wonderful example of corporate outreach and responsibility. Congratulations, and best wishes for success with the entire program.

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