Helping taxpayers make the most of the 2023 tax season

Intuit knows taxes can be challenging. Learn how we help customers simplify their taxes, and meet some of the customers we’ve helped.

A woman with red curly hair and a man in a lab coat with glasses.

Taxes can be confusing. How does anyone have the time to figure out the deductions and credits they qualify for? That’s how we help. Intuit has helped tens of millions of families and small businesses take charge of their finances by helping them understand, prepare, and file their tax returns confidently—millions of them for free. 

In fact, over 93 million consumers, and 10 million small businesses manage their finances with Intuit. We take care of all of the hard stuff, so everyone can focus on what really matters—spending time with family, building their business, or picking up a hobby. Roller blades, anyone? 

Meet some of the customers we’ve helped:

Antonia, Occupational Therapist

Antonia is not just an occupational therapist—she’s a roller-skating fire-thrower (for real). She also has a visual disability that requires assistance with text—it needs to be read to her, or large enough to read. 

A family friend recommended she try TurboTax for its accessibility features, and she’s used it ever since. It allows her to file her taxes independently and confidently. “TurboTax goes above and beyond my expectations. it provides easy-to-understand explanations under each step, so I know I’m truly getting the best possible return. I really feel like everyone needs to take care of their financial lives, and TurboTax supports that in a format that is accessible to everyone, no matter what. It’s just so easy to use.” 

Learn more about how Intuit is committed to making sure that our products reach everyone, regardless of their physical, sensory, or cognitive ability.

Roman, Diabetes Nurse Practitioner at the Department of Veteran Affairs

Roman knows a thing or two about taxes, as both his parents were CPAs. He told us, “They helped me do my taxes in my early adult life… but at some point, I had to do this myself.” After hiring a CPA himself, and trying a few options, he decided to do it himself with TurboTax. He goes on to say, “TurboTax is like having a CPA in your back pocket. It asks simple questions that are easy to answer. And after answering all these questions, your taxes are done. I just love the simplicity of it.” That gives him more time to focus on what he really cares about—he volunteers in a number of groups, and even serves as the president for his college alumni chapter.

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