In their own words: Intuit TurboTax Live Tax Experts share their experiences and their stories

Intuit sat down with TurboTax Live Tax Experts to discover what drives them to do what they do.

Every year, thousands of Intuit TurboTax Live Tax Experts help Americans get their taxes done right and with confidence. Who are these people who make TurboTax Live work? Our Live Tax Experts come from all walks of life. They are retirees, stay-at-home parents, veterans, and entrepreneurs. But what do they all have in common? They’re all driven by their passion to help taxpayers achieve financial success through the tax season. 

Learn more about these helpful TurboTax Live Tax Experts that just might live next door. 

What do you enjoy most about working with TurboTax Live—either as a team member or your experience serving clients as an expert? 

“I’ve always wanted to be an advocate for the taxpayer. At TurboTax, I’m allowed to do that. I’m allowed to listen, advocate, and, in the end—educate.” —Felecia, Georgia

“There are no two tax cases that are identical. They’re married. They’re not married. They don’t have kids. They have kids in college. They have a baby or a new home. There’s a lot of complexity and nuance. It’s getting answers, making sure people are comfortable with what they’ve got going on, and helping them properly file their taxes.” —Kelly, Kansas

“TurboTax is great at supporting our military and the tax complexities that sometimes come with that. Combat zones. Military pay. States of residence. Through our work, we help people understand how to navigate their taxes through moves, deployments, marriage, and kids. We’re helping their financial success, and that gives me a great deal of satisfaction. Through our work, we’re helping people grow.” —Cindy, Arizona

“You get the reward of finding someone a deduction they didn’t know they qualified for—or helping someone through a complex tax situation. It’s great to be able to share my expertise knowing that every little increase in their refund is making a difference in their lives.”  —Douglas, West Virginia

Why do you think people complain so much about tax season? Why does it feel so scary to the majority of the public?

“The prospect of contacting the IRS can be super scary and intimidating, especially when people receive a dreaded IRS letter in the mail and don’t know how to respond. But we aim to provide a roadmap to our customers and help them navigate these challenging situations.” —Christopher, New York

“Honestly, I think people are just afraid of doing things wrong. They work overly hard to avoid issues and audits. They want to be confident they are doing their taxes right so they can get it done, move on, and get on with life. We help with that. —Paul, Minnesota

Why would you recommend somebody use TurboTax Live?

“We go above and beyond to help. People can come to us and have no clue about what they’re doing. And, after a conversation with us, they’ll feel confident.” —Judyth, North Carolina

“We take complicated IRS codes and turn them into plain language. We make it clear, so we can eliminate the fear, uncertainty, and doubt that many taxpayers have.” —Christopher, New York

What made you want to join the TurboTax Live Tax Expert team?

“From the Earned Income Tax Credit to Child Care Tax Credits, we want to make sure taxpayers get everything they qualify for. When you see that refund go up for your customer, it’s just so rewarding. I mean, this may be the biggest paycheck they’re going to get all year—so you want to get the most you can for them.” —Natalie, New York

“Financial empowerment is something I’m very passionate about. With every conversation, I get to help people make the best financial decisions they can, not only during tax time, but for their lives.”  —Betty, Maryland

When you’re not working to help folks through the busy tax season, where can we find you spending your time?

“My husband and I are very involved in rodeos—every aspect of them. He is a college rodeo coach, judges pro rodeos, and he announces amateur rodeos. I’m a professional barrel racer and horse trainer, and we juggle all of this because everything in our life eats, breathes, and drinks rodeos.” —Kelly, Kansas

“I have two children. My 21-year-old daughter is in her third year of Army National Guard Reserves and works as a corrections officer in our state’s second-largest sheriff’s department. I am very proud of her accomplishments at such a young age. My youngest child is a go-getter in everything she does, so we’re always following her around and doing everything she needs.” —Cindy, Arizona