Intuit is helping taxpayers take control of their finances in 2023

A new tax season is here, and with it, changes to tax deductions, credits, rules, and deadlines. With the right tools and support, we know that everyone can use tax season as an opportunity to reach their financial goals.

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A new tax season is here, and with it, changes to tax deductions, credits, rules, and deadlines. It can all be overwhelming for even the most informed taxpayer. But the reality is that it doesn’t have to be. At Intuit, we understand that Americans often need a hand navigating the country’s complex federal tax system – and we are here to help. With the right tools and support, we know that everyone can use tax season as an opportunity to reach their financial goals. 

A tax refund is a key part of millions of Americans’ financial lives

Tax refunds are often a family’s largest check of the year, with people using refunds to pay down debt, bolster their savings, or cover expenses at a time when economic uncertainty is top of mind. 30% of Americans say they’re reliant on their tax refund to make ends meet in 2023, especially Gen Z and millennials. At Intuit, we do more than just guide our customers through tax forms – we help them, and the communities where they live overcome their most important financial challenges.

We are committed to providing individuals with the tools to quickly and efficiently submit the most accurate tax return possible. With so many uncertainties this year, we want to make sure that taxpayers getting their maximum tax refund isn’t one of them. 

How do taxpayers use their tax refund? See some of the best ways they can get ahead and prepare for the future.

Out TurboTax Live Experts break down complicated tax code so everyone can better understand their true financial picture

Everyone knows that the U.S. tax code is full of confusing jargon, complex requirements, and technical language. At Intuit, our TurboTax Live Experts love breaking all of this down, and making it simple for you. For years, Intuit has been calling on policymakers to simplify the U.S. tax code so Americans can more easily understand their taxes. A simplified tax code is good for everyone; it reduces bureaucracy and leads people toward a better understanding of their finances. 

Simple is better—that’s the motto we bring to every interaction with our customers. Our TurboTax Live Experts simplify 6,000+ pages of federal and state tax law to make filing your taxes easy. After all, we know that most people aren’t tax nerds. They shouldn’t be expected to know what credits and deductions exist, what they qualify for, or how to get the most money back. That’s how our Experts can help.

Everyone’s taxes are unique. We understand that, and ensure that taxpayers are getting their best possible outcome based on their personal situations. Whether starting a family, working a side gig, or self-employed, Intuit individually tailors each customer’s filing. And our TurboTax Live Experts explain things simply—because taxes are already complicated enough. They do the hard work so you don’t have to.

Visit our tax reform center to preview some of the key changes for tax year 2022.

Everyone needs a tax advocate on their side

Intuit is committed to helping low- and middle-income filers maximize their tax refunds. We do that by ensuring eligible filers don’t miss out on important tax credits and deductions like the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) and Child Tax Credit. While millions of households claim these credits, the IRS says many more are eligible but fail to take advantage of them. 

Over the last nine years alone, Intuit has helped more than 113 million Americans file their taxes for free—more than all other tax prep software companies combined. We believe that everyone needs a fierce tax advocate on their side – no matter their income or circumstances. We help taxpayers access their full financial lives, so they can face tomorrow with confidence. 

If taxpayers have a simple tax return, they can file for $0 through TurboTax Free EditionVisit this page to see who qualifies.


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