Connecting to new career opportunities and supportive people at Intuit

When my life took an unexpected turn, I discovered Intuit offers the resources and work-life balance I needed to thrive. Read on to learn about my career journey from bookkeeper to tax expert to an even bigger position.

Living and working abroad

After completing college, I decided to work for a nonprofit in Zimbabwe. This was the first time I left the US, and I am grateful for the experience of living and working in Africa. Later, I moved to China and Thailand for work. These experiences broadened my outlook on life and made me more attuned to the financial challenges faced by a diverse customer base.

When I decided to come back to the States, I left the nonprofit world and went to work for an accounting firm. While focusing mainly on bookkeeping and payroll, I occasionally helped on the tax side due to a tax class I took in college. Then something unexpected happened. The founder of the firm was diagnosed with ALS and had to step away from work completely. Her daughter, who had partial ownership of the company, stepped up to fill the void, but she asked me to help even more with completing our clients’ tax returns. The firm paid for me to obtain my enrolled agent credential, and my tax skills improved, making me more confident.

How Intuit helped me find work-life balance

Fast forward to 2021, my mother’s health began rapidly deteriorating, and I needed to step away from work and devote all my time to helping her. When January of 2022 rolled around, I did not want to sit out a tax season, so I began searching for a workplace that valued a culture of caring and offered flexibility to help me balance work and personal responsibilities.

I learned about Intuit through a social media post, and after exploring what the company could offer, I was hired as a tax expert. From day one, I had the opportunity to take on challenging, meaningful work while having the flexibility I need. My team leaders are extremely supportive, putting family first. On days when my mom needed me more, I could work less and make up the hours at another time. The flexibility I found at Intuit is unparalleled.

My mom passed away in November of 2022, but I’m always thinking about her. I’m glad I was able to spend so much time with her near the end of her life. Being part of a company that does the right thing, even when no one is looking, makes me proud.

Learning, connecting, and thriving at Intuit

I’ve never worked with people who are more accepting and positive than they are at Intuit. The managers are amazing. If you make a mistake, it’s not the end of the world. They just show you how to not make it again.

We’re not physically in an office, but there’s definitely a sense of togetherness. We have “virtual” opportunities to meet with coworkers, hang out, and play games when our work is done. We even have a virtual water cooler where we can say good morning and trade small talk with each other. Our daily huddles and weekly team meetings let us bring up any concerns we have. If you have a customer issue that you can’t solve on your own, you can easily find a coworker online with the expertise you need to get the right answer. Everyone helps everyone here. When people ask about Intuit, I tell them it has the friendliness you find in a small firm and the resources you find in a Fortune 500 company.

After several months at Intuit, I was invited to join the Multi-Domain Experts (MDE) team, which specializes in assisting customers across various Intuit products like TurboTax and QuickBooks. A role as a MDE is contingent upon a track record of consistently delivering exceptional service to our customers. My manager has been instrumental in providing me with numerous opportunities for career advancement and skill development. Notably, I recently received the news that I will assume the role of a team lead starting in December 2023. A question you’ll often be asked by leadership is “Where do you want to be next?” They truly want you to find success and satisfaction in your career.

Are you a bookkeeper who wants to move up to a tax and accounting position? 

Intuit has career opportunities for you. You can tackle a wide range of challenging issues in tax, accounting, and finance alongside a community of like-minded experts with so much knowledge to share. With Intuit Academy training, early career and tenured professionals can expand into new areas of tax expertise through certifications and specialized courses. Best of all, you can get the flexibility and outstanding benefits you deserve. Discover everything Intuit offers.