Accelerate your career path inside Intuit

“​​Although I enjoyed my role as a product manager—especially being part of a team that earned a patent badge—I realized I like creating solutions as much as guiding teams in finding their own answers. With Intuit’s support, I was able to find a new internal career opportunity that matched my interests,” Josue Tello, Senior Software Engineer

How did you get your start in the technology space?

I earned degrees in computer science and computer engineering, and I started working for a well-known company as a development manager. I enjoyed the challenges, but I wanted to be part of a team that offered more stability. That’s when my Intuit story begins. I was thrilled to be part of the company, using my skills to focus on location data and improving the lives of our customers’ employees by helping them track their time. I also helped create a unified experience for accountants in the portal for QuickBooks Time.

What sparked your interest in software engineering?

When I became a senior product manager, I mentored my team and guided them to answers. In that role though, I realized how much I liked working on projects that required me to leverage my software engineering capabilities. My manager, who was very supportive of my career journey, talked to me about different opportunities I could explore. That led me to finding a software engineer position within QuickBooks Time, and I love this new role. It allows me to combine my engineering background and project manager experience, and I know my co-workers appreciate that I can bring these two perspectives to the table. The team size is small, so I’m getting to flex in many different job responsibilities. The work we’re doing is critical for numerous workflows, and I’m helping to drive the future of our AI initiatives.

How did your Intuit achievement badges help with your mobility journey? 

Intuit badges are the company’s way of recognizing our developers and teams for delivering awesome software services. Earning these badges continue to motivate me to do the best work I can and encourage me to continue to pursue software development. The badges reinforced my desire to make an internal move because I continued to be excited about what other challenges I could take on at Intuit.

Separately, these badges are a cool way for Intuit to recognize employees and their work. For example, the achievement badge I earned was related to a patent where I brainstormed with teams and explored technical specs while building a solution. Another badge I’ve received was related to accessibility. Together with co-workers, we helped to solve issues for people with accessibility needs. I’m really proud of the work we did, and it’s gratifying to know we’re empowering everyone to solve financial challenges with Intuit’s products.

Will Intuit support your internal mobility?

Absolutely! Intuit encourages its managers to post jobs internally, which helps you find new roles available constantly, and figure out if any are a perfect fit. Managers are also encouraged to talk with their teams regularly about their career paths and internal mobility options. Intuit has continually proven that it’s actively creating an environment where employees feel comfortable speaking with their managers when they’re interested in a mobility opportunity. It’s definitely a two-way dialogue.

Ultimately, Intuit wants employees to be in a role where they can continue to grow professionally and personally. Think of it this way: internal mobility is a win-win. For employees, an internal career move means you get to foster a network of trusted co-workers across teams and still apply the direct knowledge you’ve built up into your new role. For Intuit, an internal career move means the company can still rely on your wide breadth of skills to make our global technology platform even stronger.

What advice would you give a co-worker looking to make an internal career move?

  1. Talk to your friends and mentors who work in areas that interest you. Tell them about what you’re hoping to learn and accomplish.
  2. Don’t be afraid to reach out to hiring managers to chat through potential opportunities. Even a casual conversation can pay dividends down the road. Of course, talk to your manager, too. They may have information about an upcoming job opening that you hadn’t thought of.
  3. If you find the right internal move, take it! At Intuit, our amazing benefits—comprehensive medical coverage, parental time off, and potential stock grants—make this a place where you can live your best life.

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