How the Coalfield Solar Fund helps promise a sustainable future for Virginia and West Virginia communities

Intuit is proudly joining forces with Secure Solar Futures and The NEED Project to announce the Coalfield Solar Fund.

Solar panels with a blue sky and wipsy clouds

The harsh realities of the climate crisis are tangible, complex, and already being experienced in all corners of the globe. A changing climate has intersectional ramifications, posing threats to communities, ecosystems, and the wellbeing of future generations. However, there is still time for swift, thoughtful, and bold action to chart a brighter and more resilient path for our collective future. The call to action has never been louder, but it requires innovation, creativity, and urgency.

To that end, as part of its Climate Positive Commitment, Intuit is proudly joining forces with Secure Solar Futures and The NEED Project to sustainably power prosperity in underserved communities in hopes of doing our part in the transition to 21st century energy sources.  

Working Toward a Brighter Future

Building off the initial success of our school-top solar project in partnership with Secure Solar Futures in Wise, Virginia – the location of one of Intuit’s Prosperity Hubs – we are proud to be expanding our impact though the Coalfield Solar Fund as a founding partner and Advisory Council member. The multi-year incentive grant program was created to provide the funds for public K-12 schools and community colleges in the coalfields regions of Virginia and West Virginia to install solar panels with no upfront investment. 

Funds will also be used to establish local workforce development pathways via solar apprenticeships and to provide high school students with hands-on training and direct experience in the field of clean energy, solar, and STEM. The forward-looking curriculum, cleverly dubbed “Throwing Solar Shade,” will not only prepare graduating students for prosperous careers and an understanding of climate science, it will also arm them with valuable training via Intuit’s design thinking tools. 

These communities have worked to generate power for our country for hundreds of years and we’re excited to help create new career pathways and educational opportunities in the solar industry, while also helping to reduce carbon emissions.  

Striving Towards Our Goal

Intuit has been a carbon neutral company since 2014 and is making great strides to decarbonize its operations. Our Climate Positive commitment was established in 2019, when Intuit set out to reduce 2 million metric tonnes of CO2e, entirely outside our operational footprint, by the year 2030. We aim to do so by investing in meaningful, innovative programs that accelerate climate action while driving tangible social and economic impact for underserved communities most threatened by climate change. 

Through our work to advance renewable energy access via programs like the Coalfield Solar Fund, Intuit is taking action to achieve its aggressive climate positive goals. Beyond the four walls of our enterprise, we are committed to scaling our efforts across the communities we serve, and we continue to work closely with partners in the fields of education, financial services, and small business to further meaningful climate action. While 2 million MT is certainly a bold target, Intuit is thrilled to be forging unique partnerships like the one that created the Coalfield Solar Fund and is on track to achieve its Climate Positive goal ahead of schedule. 

Spread the Word

The first grant application is now open until April 17, 2023, and we will be selecting the first cohort of grant winners this September. Public school districts and community colleges in select counties in West Virginia and Virginia are eligible to apply. To learn more about the program, and to see if your school qualifies, visit