Powering prosperity for the planet during Earth Week 2023

Intuit’s Earth Week provides employees with a special opportunity to drive meaningful impact together through sustainability-centric educational events and a range of volunteer activities both online and in-person.

Two men volunteers package boxes with sustainable goods and materials.
Two men volunteers package boxes with sustainable goods and materials.

There are many different motivators to start a business. Being your own boss, creating a product that changes lives, and making money would come to an entrepreneur’s mind. Among those, where does giving back to your community rank? 

Throughout our 40-year history, we’ve made giving back a priority. Known internally as We Care and Give Back (WCGB), our commitment to the communities we serve has always been deeply rooted in our culture and is visible in the various ways our employees give their time and talents to causes their passionate about.  

Delivering on our mission of powering prosperity in communities is a multi-faceted effort that starts close to home, with our employees. Full time employees are given 40 hours per year to participate in hands-on volunteering events and opportunities during regular work hours. We also have a direct non-profit organization match program–up to $5,000 or equivalent per fiscal year.

Earth Week 2023

During Earth Week, held April 24–28, employees found a mix of webinars and information sessions from global sustainability experts, our climate partners, and our own teams, as well as on-site and virtual volunteering opportunities. This year’s programming was broken down into daily themes to deepen our perspectives, boost our inspiration, and make sure programming resonated with our entire community.

Earth Week provided employees with a unique opportunity to celebrate our 40th anniversary through service. In honor of our 40th anniversary, we’re encouraging employees to volunteer and log 40 hours through the end of the year. Employees who hit the 40-hour milestone in time will even have the chance to win credit to give to a vetted charity of their choice! 

For every eco-conscious action employees completed and submitted during Earth Week, such as trying a plant-based recipe or taking public transit, donations were made to Eden Reforestation’s efforts to rebuild natural landscapes in developing regions as part of our 40 Sustainable Actions Challenge.

Volunteers stand around a stone park sign reading "Warner Park 5800" and smile with their garbage collecting tools.

Living out our values with TreePeople and Farmlink

As part of Intuit’s Earth Week celebrations, volunteers of all ages teamed up with TreePeople to plant trees in Inglewood, California, near Intuit Dome as part of a larger urban reforestation project with the LA Clippers and Aspiration. The trees planted will bring green space, shade, and cleaner air to the Inglewood community, as well as provide carbon reduction.

Volunteers in orange vests plant a tree in the background while a woman volunteer smiles with a Black child.

Intuit is also proud to partner with Farmlink, a nonprofit organization that works to redirect unsold fresh produce from landfills to communities in need. This Earth Week, employees in Mountain View, Los Angeles, and virtually joined food rescue volunteering opportunities throughout the week to help combat food waste and food insecurity at the same time.