• Saurabh Saxena

    Intuit India Site Leader, Bangalore

    We hired more in the virtual world than before the pandemic. It is very clear that apart from the processes we have in place, there is a significant factor of the cross-functional team efforts that makes it a delightful experience. You onboard somebody and the feedback on the virtual onboarding revolves around the warmth they experience.”

Intuit India - Virtual Hiring

Virtual Hiring

Intuit in India has been attracting the country’s top-notch talent. A pertinent factor helping us in this is our hiring process which we call the Assessing for Awesome or A4A. Candidates, not only the ones who crack the interview but also the ones who don’t, appreciate the A4A experience with many sharing how the process has helped them reflect on their career, their strength and improvement areas. Key components of A4A are: 


  1. Awesome Assessors 
  2. Crafts demonstration by candidates
  3. Same day hiring decision


We adapted all these components into a virtual environment and ensured continuity of experience –for the candidate, the TA and the hiring team.

Ada's Team

Summer internships

Many companies chose to scrap their summer internships this year. But we pulled out all the stops to keep our interns engaged, learning, and growing. Worldwide, the net promoter score (NPS) for Intuit’s internship program jumped 14 points higher at 89 landing us on the WayUp Top 100 Internship Programs 2020 list


In India, we onboarded 48 interns across roles in product development, product management, people and places and go-to-market teams. The entire program was redesigned with the sole objective of staying effective as we move to the virtual recruiting process by:   


1) Creating career readiness through learning and development

2) Preparing manager training for early career

3) Building community and connection to allow interns to learn from different perspectives

Hiring World Class Talent

Attracting and Retaining a Diverse and Inclusive Workforce

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) is part of who we are at Intuit. We aim to have a diverse candidate pool when evaluating a job opening, which sometimes means we have to look longer for top talent in new and unconventional places. It is this commitment that has won us the recognition of being one of the Top 10 in India’s 100 Best Workplaces For Women 2020. 

Promoting Diversity in Early Career Development

Intuit believes that when we come together, we prosper. But we know opportunities to prosper aren’t evenly distributed. This is why we invest in equity - to give the underrepresented an equal opportunity. We make an intentional effort to connect with, develop, and provide opportunities to Women.

Intuit Augment – building women talent pool for internship

Finding top women talent at engineering campuses to meet our hiring bar for internship/ full time roles has always been a challenge. There is a noticeable skill gap which makes it hard for students to clear our tests/interviews. We launched Intuit Augment to address this gap and amplify the percentage of women in our hiring pool.

The people behind our innovation

Intuit India: Top rated employer

Employee Speak

For me, the virtual hiring and onboarding experience at Intuit was the best. The panel for the telephonic and A4A interview was very friendly and made me very comfortable. I received prompt feedback after every round.

Roshni Vijayaraghavan, Staff Software Engineer

Intuit India: Top rated employer

Leader's insight

My hiring process was one of the highlights where we had all the Directors and VP part of the process. I was lent a good ear and they put me at ease, where they were supportive of the technical aspects and the plans that I had for this role

Milind Parvatikar, Director-Development - DevX