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A Culture of Trust and Transparency

Sharing, Listening, Learning

Employee Story 1

“At Intuit, we have always been consistent with how we want to lead as a company and as a leadership team, which is with utmost transparency, caring for each other. In this particular environment, though, the transition into virtual mode brought a lot of challenges, we have continued to stay connected with our teams, and it starts with leadership.”

Anshuman Kumar Director, Global Brand & Communications, Bangalore

Transparency, Accountability, and Camaraderie

The onset of the COVID pandemic and the subsequent virtual working challenged us in unprecedented ways – some moments required us to communicate with clarity, and others with great vulnerability, in order to move forward together.

The two-way dialogue between senior leaders and employees that we are committed to not only maintaining, but also continually deepening, helps promote transparency, engender respect, and build trust among employees at every level of our organization.

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SOC – The CEO connect

Every year, our State of the Company (SOC) tour proves to be a powerful, company-wide platform for inspiring employees. The format of the SOC is that our CEO Sasan Goodarzi travels to one location outside of Mountain View every three months and addresses the session which will be streamed to the rest of the company. This year, his visit to each site was virtual and in their respective time zones. He uses this time to address employees on the strategy and state of the business while answering questions that are top of their mind.

A microsite was created to view all of Sasan’s global SOCs, allowing for an engaging and interactive event. Apart from talking about the company’s quarterly performance and our stocks, the SOC is also a great platform for him to share updates that are always rich with information about the company’s performance and also maps out how we have fared against each of our big bets.

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Keeping the communications streams open on topics that matter to the employees

Performance incentive

Performance incentive

Despite the circumstances and uncertainty during the initial months of the pandemic, Intuit was able to end FY20 with a stronger performance than anticipated. It is because of this that the Intuit Performance Incentive (IPI) bonus pool was increased.
FY20 Pay Equity Results

FY20 Pay Equity Results

As part of our commitment to DEI, Laura Fennel, EVP, Chief People & Places Officer shared more about our ongoing focus on pay equity. Twice a year we conduct an analysis and share the results with the company to hold ourselves accountable and ensure continuous improvement.
Continued Focus on Well-Being

Continued Focus on Well-Being

When the global pandemic disrupted our work and home routines, we convened a mission-based team (MBT) to add more time off, resources and benefits for employees including home-schooling and childcare, figuring out how to work at home, and making time to take care of ourselves while still delivering for our customers.

Leaders connect

Intuit leaders stayed connected with the employees about the company’s ongoing evaluation of the right time to safely come back to worksites based on employees’ health and safety as the top priority.
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Return to Work Communication

Building on the culture of being completely unambiguous, and handholding employees through these uncertain times, Laura Fennel, EVP, Chief People & Places Officer announced a phase wise approach for return to work and the timelines, cities and the precautionary measures were explicitly detailed in this communication.

All employees in select cities were given the flexible option of voluntary “opt-in” return to the office, starting in July 2021.

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Work – life alignment initiatives

In addition to accrued vacation, regular company holidays, and “recharge days” we declared as “time off for the entire company”, specifically Nov. 25 and the last week of the calendar year, we’re extending the time off resources we have had in place through July 2021. This includes:

  1. Family Support Time — Regular employees can take up to four weeks of paid time off to care for family members.
  2. Supplemental Sick Time — One-time grant of paid time off equivalent to two weeks of your regularly scheduled work week.

Great benefits that suit all your needs

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Benefits and resources

We expanded our business-related home internet reimbursements for eligible employees through July 2021. Also, the reinforcement of the expanded Well-being for Life (WBFL) program.
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Resources for managers

We are also focused on equipping managers with the tools they need to best manage employees during this time. We created a resource page on the microsite to help employees and managers create flexible work schedules.
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No meeting afternoons

We heard from our tech ecosystem employees that one of the biggest barriers to being productive is having coding time interrupted by meetings. Internally, we looked at our own data, and the leadership team used these insights to come to a decision that No Meeting Afternoons were the way to go.

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Mindful mondays

Based on employee feedback on burnout and work-life balance, Mindful Mondays seeks to provide them with the right dose of wellness to lead a healthier, happier and productive lifestyle in addition to helping employees deal with life’s challenges.

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Sharing, listening, learning

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