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It’s the People

Thanking and Celebrating


Good work, great rewards

We say thanks – a lot. It can be as simple as a gift card, recognition during a team meeting, or time-off to do what you want.

Our rewards recognize everyone, from the frontlines to senior executives, and the recognition ranges from gift cards to can’t-buy-experiences – while supporting our customers when they need it most.

Our employees have demonstrated great resilience and unwavering drive to deliver for each other and for our customers during these unprecedented times – and that deserves recognition.

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Rewards and Recognition

Intuit India annual awards

Intuit India annual awards

The Intuit India Annual Awards recognizes individuals who have consistently demonstrated an unparalleled mix of passion, commitment and performance throughout the year in specific areas embodied the Intuit values.

The categories of the awards are Courage, Customer Obsession, Stronger Together, Technical Excellence & Leadership Award.

The nominees are always recommended by peers, managers or leaders. The winners shared a pre-recorded video along with their family which was displayed during the virtual event.

As an organization, we have always believed that without the support of their families our employees could not have achieved the excellence they demonstrated in their contributions especially during the remote working times.

Employee Spotlight Recognition Program

Employee Spotlight Recognition Program

One of the ways we remain committed to continuing the “Intuit experience” for our employees is by keeping up our promise of timely appreciation no matter what.

Spotlight is Intuit’s global employee recognition program that allows all employees to acknowledge their co-workers’ contributions to the organization, express appreciation and highlight desired behaviors and outcomes aligned to Intuit’s values.

Any employee, no matter what level, can give a Spotlight award to another employee — it’s as easy as saying “thanks.”

Celebrating our people
One big happy Intuit family

Great Place to Work #1 rank

We ranked #1 in the ‘India’s Best Companies to Work for list – 2020.’ This marks the fourth consecutive year when Intuit India featured as the country’s top 2 employers and seventh consecutive year on top 10 list by the Great Place to Work (GPTW) Institute and The Economic Times.

Being recognised among the best-of-the-best in the largest study in the country which represents the voice of more than 2.1 Million employees across industries is truly an accomplishment. This is a wonderful recognition of our continuous effort to create an environment where we can bring our whole-selves to work and do the best work of our lives. 

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Celebrating our GPTW recognition with our families

This year has thrown us many surprises and hurdles but it never stopped us from celebrating what really matters. We draw strength from our families and loved ones who have been an integral part of our journey and the pillars behind our success.

To celebrate as One Intuit family we organised a virtual All hands and DJ party for all our employees and their families to come together and dance their hearts out! Every employee also received an Intuit branded sound bar as a token of our appreciation for the great work they do.

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Staying engaged, virtually!

The engagement council and team members are doing their best to bring the site together to celebrate and have some fun.

The Engagement team identifies several talented employees within Intuit for driving these engagements and also create multiple opportunities for external upcoming artists who are in search of a platform to gain an audience. The team has organized 30 engagement activities with an NPS of +86

The Engagement initiatives are under 4 large broad categories

  1. Sessions for Families and Children
  2. Social Causes
  3. Fun Fridays
  4. Employee well being 
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The 21 day challenge

A 21 day challenge was introduced to the employees in the beginning of the lockdown, to build a new habit and employees were asked to share in the slack channel about the new habit or interest they picked up.

The initiative was led by the GPTW ambassadors community who managed to make the lockdown so much fun and encouraged everyone to make the best out of this time.

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Celebrating  Pride

The Intuit India Pride Network organised The Pride Reality Matinee: A film-based discussion group where employees came together for an hour of movies and conversation. This was an opportunity to discuss insights from the movie and reflect upon different perspectives as a group, especially when these are short films on gender, sex and sexuality. This was also an open forum to discuss various lived realities – queer or otherwise.

Watch the short films that were screened at the matinee.

Love is love

Mother's Day (Prega News)

Silence is homophobia

In a heartbeat

Nannum oru pennu

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Celebrations and recognition in a virtual world

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At intuit, we strongly believe in our core value "Stronger together". One of the easiest way to get the team together in a cheerful manner is the celebrating the small and big wins. Despite being in a virtual environment, the team definitely comes together for every celebration. This has certainly motivated me to go the extra mile in solving any troubles that our customers face.
Jayabalan Vignesh, Sr SW Engineer
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I am part of the finance team. My team loves to celebrate birthdays and festivities together. Post lockdown and WFH, we all were missing this interaction. So I along with other teammates started virtual birthday celebrations clubbed with fun events. It has become a monthly ritual now. These celebrations gives us a much needed break from our day to day work and has brought the team closer. We now know much more about each other as compared to earlier times. Also, it has tremendously helped new joiners get familiarized with the team at large. Since I personally love organizing and contributing to employee engagement activities, it has also given me platform and motivation to take part in such events.
Abha Gupta, Sr. Tax Analyst
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Since my internship days, I have observed how every milestone is celebrated. Be it giving my first presentation, first product launch , spotlight for good work never goes out of radar.
Sahana MP, Product Manager 1

What makes Intuit a great place to work ?

Hiring at Intuit

Where top talent can do the best work of their lives

Developing our people

Nurturing our talended employees everyday

Sharing, listening, learning

A culture of trust and transparency

Listening to the pulse

Listening as a gateway to learning & evolving

Inspiring everyone

Inspiring our employees to be the best versions of themselves

Collaborating - Stronger Together

Where employees can feel the impact of their work

Thanking and Celebrating our People

It's all about the people

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Bring your whole self to work