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Inspired to be the best versions of ourselves

Inspiring Everyone


Constructively dissatisfied

Sasan kickstarted his innings as the CEO of Intuit two years back with the launch of his grand vision called the ‘Five Big Bets.’

True to what he had said back then, these five big bets have been sparking a movement across the company to accelerate powering prosperity around the world.

These bets have helped the employees find a direction where we could concentrate our energy and passion.

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Our big bets

Revolutionize Speed to Benefit

Connect People to Experts

Unlock Smart Money Decisions

Be the Center of Small Business Growth

Disrupt the Small Business Mid-Market

Bringing open contribution to life

Intuit’s open contribution philosophy brings teams together to collaborate and amplify our speed to deliver awesome for our customers. With the adoption of open contribution, we have witnessed an increase in developer productivity with organized code repositories and ease of development tools set up. Quick ramp up for new hires and increased skill sets and delight for engineers, and promotion of Intuit-wide tools across different sites are some additional benefits that we are observing.

To encourage open contribution and one Intuit innovations we have org wide, global tech events – the Global Engineering Days (GED) and TechCon. We also organize tech fests like Hacktoberfest which further promotes collaborated ideation, innovation and open contribution.

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Our patent program inspires the spirit of innovation and exploration

Our patent program, where we organize multiple events, is a cornerstone of our tech engagement programs. There is a Quarterly Patent workshop at Intuit India along with half an hour of office hours for employees to reach out to the patent team to get all the info they need about filling a patent, the process & timeline.

We recognise people at every stage of their participation in the patent process – from idea submission to patent filing and finally defensive publication.

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The power of our tech communities

There are several tech communities at Intuit India who function mostly in a bottom-up approach under the leadership of technologists.

It is a platform for professionals with “common struggles & stories” that enables “Peer & Experiential Learning” to help individuals grow and create larger outcomes for themselves and the business.

Intuit Employee Resource Groups:

  • Product Management & XD(PM-XD)
  • Program Managers(PMO)
  • Innovation Catalyst (IC)
  • Beautiful Code Reviewers
  • Technology
  • AWS
  • Open Source
  • Front-end
  • AI
  • Mobile
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Reinforced focus on Open Source technology

We celebrate Intuit’s open source software projects as well as the community as a whole. Intuit India is furthering this vision through a number of engagements like tech fests, internal knowledge sharing sessions, tech talks, external speaker opportunities among others.

Hacktoberfest 2020

This is a month-long celebration of open source software (OSS) held in October where Intuit engineers connect and share knowledge with the OSS community.

Open Source rewards program

This recognizes contributors with at least 4 open source projects which have been accepted to Intuit projects.

Webinars with Github

Intuit hosts webinar at Github Universe and presents a group of women technologists who have taken leadership roles in the open source movement

Atlassian partnership

Intuit held the first-ever Camunda Bengaluru meet up. Attendees discussed industry developments, shared innovation, presented company use cases.

Tech Culture Champions

Our Tech Culture champions community will facilitate working and learning as a community and enable engineering teams to scale and deliver high quality, delightful customer solutions with speed.


Engineers have no wait time with little to no dependency management; they contribute and collaborate in the code.
Global exposure

Global exposure

Enabled world-class opportunities for engineers to grow their craft. 


Engineers release impactful solutions to customers in their first month.
Employee retention

Employee retention

Intuit tech culture drives candidate consideration and contributes to retention of tech talent.

Hear from our inspired team members

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One of the inspiring fundamentals of Intuit’s tech philosophy is the thought process; we try to fall in love with the problem, not with the solution. That happens because the problem is defined against which the various solutions are going to be evaluated. I feel once we are aligned on the principles, then there is no conflict about solutions because then it's a very objective evaluation. And this is very unique and very inspiring for Intuit specifically
Jyoti Ahuja, Director - Product Development, while in conversation with our Great Places to Work ambassador Disha Mittal.
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An innovative and entrepreneurial culture is essential for any company to be extremely customer-obsessed. Especially with Identity, the customer problems we solve are massive at scale, demanding thinking beyond the ordinary. One recent example I would like to pick is the "next-gen Adaptive Authorization platform" we are working on, which helps customers access their data more securely and safely. The whole concept started as a brown bag topic, then a GED idea, and now more close to reality. I want to thank Team Intuit for giving us the time and opportunity to listen to the customers, understand their pain points, and help them prosper.
Vinodh Palaniappan, Senior Product Manager
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I think what is really strong and important about the way that Intuit approaches technology, is that it starts with the customer. We pride ourselves on being able to deeply understand customer pain points. Intuit is one of those rare technology companies that has always kept the customer in focus. Everything starts with the customer and I think that's absolutely the way it should be, and the focus is on using technology to solve the problems of the customer.
Peter Thomas, Intuit’s Distinguished Engineer while in conversation with our Great Places to Work ambassador Ankush Sharma.

What makes Intuit a great place to work ?

Hiring at Intuit

Where top talent can do the best work of their lives

Developing our people

Nurturing our talended employees everyday

Sharing, listening, learning

A culture of trust and transparency

Listening to the pulse

Listening as a gateway to learning & evolving

Inspiring everyone

Inspiring our employees to be the best versions of themselves

Collaborating - Stronger Together

Where employees can feel the impact of their work

Thanking and Celebrating our People

It's all about the people

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Bring your whole self to work