Bringing your authentic self to Intuit

Edward Lescurieux chronicles his professional journey as a seasonal manager for TurboTax Live and how Intuit helped him obtain his Enrolled Agent Credential.

I started my career in finance and customer service at an early age. While I liked my previous company, there’s no better place to find professional satisfaction and personal acceptance than Intuit.

I credit my best friend for helping me become an enrolled agent

She’s an Intuit employee, and suggested I try a seasonal position with the company. Seasonal employees commit to an entire season and work at least 20 hours per week. We’re open from 5 a.m. to 9 p.m. Pacific Time 7 days a week, so you have the flexibility to choose the slots that work best for you, based on availability. As a seasonal employee, you can be eligible for medical coverage, bonuses, and our 401(k) plan.

In 2015, I joined Intuit, and I provided tax support for two years. When I found out Intuit helps its employees get their enrolled agent credential, I jumped at the opportunity. The Intuit Enrolled Agent Credential Assistance Program provides the materials we need to prepare for the exam. On top of that, Intuit assigns you a mentor, and there are study sessions you can attend where experts will help you with the concepts you’re learning. I don’t think I would have earned my enrolled agent credential without Intuit’s support, and it’s one of the reasons I love working here.

Learning, growing, succeeding

Today, as a member of the Intuit Expert Network and a Seasonal Manager for TurboTax Live, I work to communicate company goals to my team members, motivate them, and help everyone achieve different metrics that we have for the organization. I’m not new to managing people, but it’s a new role for me at Intuit. My fellow managers have helped me be successful. I’ve learned a lot from them, my boss, and other experts. The support and encouragement I’ve received can’t be matched anywhere. 

Why you shouldn’t be afraid to go from a bookkeeping role to a tax role

Having worked as an expert at Intuit for many years, one question I sometimes hear is “How can I move into a tax career if I’m a bookkeeper without a CPA?” My reply is always, yes, tax can be intimidating, but Intuit gives you the full backing you need to take on a tax role. You’ll find your managers and teammates will absolutely give you all the help you need. Still not sure if you’re ready? Consider this: You can join us in an entry-level position, then take advantage of our educational resources to help you achieve your goals and advance to a tax expert career.

I can be myself at Intuit­­—and so can you

Coming from a Latin background and as a member of the LGBTQ community, I speak from personal experience when I say it’s important to see representation of your background. When I look at promotions or check out Intuit’s internal portal, I always see someone that I can relate to. We do a great job of practicing inclusivity. We also respect the mental health needs of our employees. For example, a group of team leads were using video conferencing for an entire day of meetings, and some of the people were developing anxiety from all the camera time. So the manager said, “OK, let’s stop using it for now.”

When someone here is just starting out, their managers and teams are their biggest cheerleaders and supporters. I’m more of the quiet type, but during my first season with Intuit, that enthusiastic support helped me become more confident in my role­, and it keeps me coming back to Intuit to this day.

I’m also able to leverage my roots in the work I’m doing. Being from Argentina, I regularly communicate in Spanish with the bilingual experts on my team. And in turn, they are supporting our Spanish-speaking customers, which is a great added benefit.

The advantages of working for an employer of choice

We attract top quality talent­—which means they’re knowledgeable, capable coworkers. Together we help each other along our career journeys. We also have great benefits. Besides an employee discount on tax preparation software, you can take part in the employee stock purchase program. Our 401(k) is open to seasonal employees, too—and with a 125% match, it’s a perk that you won’t want to pass up.

Something else I love about Intuit: the flexibility we have. Not only can most people work virtually, but we can fit our hours around our personal lives. Need to pick up your children from school in the morning or afternoon? No problem. Need to take elderly parents to a doctor’s appointment? No problem. Intuit lets us customize our careers so they fit our personal and professional needs. 

Come find your career path at Intuit

From bookkeeping to tax, and more, you can work and learn alongside a large, diverse team of skilled and credentialed professionals. Intuit’s supportive culture gives you the backing you need to take on new experiences at your own pace. Explore all Intuit seasonal, year-round, and full-time remote opportunities.

Edward Lescurieux, a native of Argentina now residing in South Florida, works remotely as a seasonal team lead for TurboTax Live. Edward joined Intuit in 2015 and through the Enrolled Agent Credential Assistance Program earned his EA credential in 2020. He’ll be the first to tell you that Intuit’s support in the process is second to none.