Growing my tax career in a family-first environment

As a Tax Expert Lead at Intuit, Cynthia Cantu has been able to grow her career without sacrificing her need to be present for her family.

I’m proud to be a tax expert and an enrolled agent, but there’s one thing I’ll always put before work: my family. At Intuit, I have the flexibility to work the hours I want while progressing in my career­—but without sacrificing the time I need to devote to my loved ones.

Where did my interest in taxes start?

Sitting with my mom at the kitchen table. She’d be working on her taxes with pencil and paper, and she’d ask me to find a number and I’d go through the papers to find it. Fast forward to college where I decided to be an accounting major. As I approached graduation, I thought I’d go work for one of the Big Four accounting firms, but I’m thrilled my career brought me to Intuit instead.

The advantages of having an Intuit career

Flexibility: Everyone has the time they need to manage their work while tending to their families. It’s OK for me to go to my son’s holiday program at school. It’s OK to tell my boss I’m sick and I might choose to be online only a few hours that day. As long as I get in the hours I have scheduled, I have the autonomy I want.

Support: When I decided to get my enrolled agent credential, the Intuit Enrolled Agent Credential Assistance Program paid for everything­—the books, the software I used to study, and the exam fees. All I needed to bring was my will to succeed.

Growth: We have so many opportunities to advance our careers. My manager encouraged me to apply to be a team lead, and I’m so happy I got the position. I love that I have a group of fellow leads who bring their own skills and knowledge to the table that I continue to learn from. Our team leads are enrolled agents, lawyers, CPAs, and more. It’s an amazing group of people, and they make it easy to get answers for my direct reports that I may not know off the top of my head.

You don’t need a Big Four career to find success

There is a perception that the Big Four is the fastest way to succeed in this space. These careers come with more formality, less flexibility, and more demanding paths to advancement. 

Here, it’s not like that. Nobody’s going to pass you up unless you want them to pass you up. It’s your own life and you drive your own train. If you want to stay in your current position as a bookkeeper or tax associate, you can. If you want to keep advancing, there are endless possibilities. There’s less stress at Intuit, but we still get to challenge ourselves with complex, fulfilling issues by creating financial opportunities for people.

Happiness and making money can go together

It’s really nice that I can enjoy my personal happiness while being professionally successful and making good money. Some people think that those can’t be together; that you’re either making good money and you’re miserable, or you’re putting your personal life above your career. At Intuit, you can have the best of both worlds.

Bookkeepers: It’s all about mobility

You are tax ready. You can start in bookkeeping and then apply for a tax associate position. It’s just about stretching your horizons a bit and trying something new. If you don’t like tax, you can return to bookkeeping. Intuit works with you to help you find the place you feel most comfortable.

Family at home. Family at work.

Being remote has its advantages. I have colleagues that live near each other in Florida. I told them, “I am definitely going to visit all of you. I want to see you in person and hang out.” So we now have a group of us that plan on making a summer beach trip together. I love that I’ve made friends at Intuit who feel like family.

There’s a place for you at Intuit

Seasonal work? Full-time career? Experienced? Newer to the tax and accounting services world? Wherever you are in your career and life, Intuit has a position for you. Not only are you able to tackle a wide range of challenging issues in tax, accounting, and finance, but you’ll be joining a community of like-minded experts with so much knowledge to share while having access to continued training and learning for your professional growth. Discover everything Intuit offers.