From Hollywood Dreams to a Purpose-Driven Tax and Bookkeeping Career

Discover how Alvin Clavon found purpose with Intuit’s Expert Network working as a TurboTax Live Tax Expert. Follow his journey and explore opportunities at Intuit Expert Careers.

Alvin Clavon knows how to navigate the often-twisty roads of life. After college, Alvin secured a job on a TV production set with a cross-country move to a promising career in Hollywood. Alvin quickly learned his first professional lesson: always get an offer in writing. Once in L.A., the deal was off and Alvin found himself looking for work in a hard-to-navigate Hollywood scene. 

“If I had to describe my journey, it’s been one of searching. It was intended to be one thing, but things changed … life happens!” Alvin said.

As a new husband and father, Alvin wanted more secure work, so he switched fields, from TV to human resources. “It was something that came naturally to me. I just kind of got it,” Alvin said. “I’m genuinely interested in cultures, and understanding what motivates people.”

His people skills and knack for negotiating prompted him to enroll in law school. However, life took a turn and led him to his current home in Harvest, Alabama. His time in human resources and law school made one thing abundantly clear: finding a more meaningful career was non-negotiable. 

“I’ve always enjoyed helping people and just knowing that I bring value to someone’s life. I always thought that was the highest kind of standard of what you could do,” Alvin said.

A pathway to career growth and personal fulfillment with Intuit

Alvin focused his search on companies with values that matched his own, and found the ideal fit with Intuit’s Expert Network. Alvin became a TurboTax Live Tax Associate, and began growing his tax knowledge and skills immediately through the learning programs offered by Intuit.

“Given my previous experience, I was able to make an assessment about the company and they [were] consistent with their values,” Alvin said. He added, “Intuit’s training is very thorough. It’s part of the reason why I was so impressed with them,” Alvin said. Intuit Experts can also take advantage of Intuit Academy’s educational programs to advance their tax and bookkeeping skills and grow their careers.

Now, Alvin provides tax assistance to Intuit customers who are counting on him. He understands the concerns that many people have regarding their taxes, and his calm demeanor puts them at ease and gives them confidence.

“We’re talking about someone’s livelihood. We’re talking about their very income, right?” Alvin said. “It’s very gratifying because I know that there’s value added.”

Plus, the flexible schedule that comes with being an Intuit expert enables Alvin to give back. For instance, he helps low-income families in his community apply for emergency rental assistance and disaster relief. It’s clear that Alvin’s values match those of Intuit’s: which is to care and give back to the communities we serve. 

Intuit Experts find support for their purpose

Alvin’s come a long way in his career since he left for Hollywood all those years ago. He’s immensely grateful for his winding path because it has shaped his passion for finding more purpose-driven work helping others. Alvin’s also leveraging the various benefits and resources Intuit provides to support the growth and advancement of experts and he’s now working toward his Enrolled Agent credential.

Alvin has learned firsthand that both the journey and the destination are equally important, as both have deepened his appreciation for Intuit. “Being able to really be customer-obsessed and being able to really step forward and know that my company backs me as I’m really doing my best for my customers is one of the reasons I love Intuit,” Alvin said.

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