How Intuit helps tax and bookkeeping pros do their best work

David Graham, VP of the Intuit Expert Network, leads a community of thousands of tax, accounting, and bookkeeping professionals. The network offers flexible and fulfilling career opportunities for experts just starting out or looking to grow as they help Intuit customers make vital financial decisions.

I am incredibly honored to lead the Intuit Expert Network, which aims to be the employer of choice for tax and bookkeeping professionals. We connect millions of consumers and small businesses with the expertise they need to face their most important financial challenges with confidence as we fulfill Intuit’s mission to power prosperity around the world and make a difference in the communities we serve.

At Intuit, we’re passionate about creating an environment where our employees can do the best work of their lives so they can provide extraordinary experiences for customers, so I thought I’d share what several of them recently told us about what matters most to them as an Intuit expert.

The flexibility to grow their own careers, their way

Intuit’s Expert Network is revolutionizing the way people access financial expertise. We provide flexible career opportunities and schedules to empower experts who want to grow their careers while being present for their families and other personal or professional pursuits.

Nina Roach, a QuickBooks Live Expert, credits flexibility as the deciding factor in choosing Intuit. “It’s really hard being a military spouse. Everywhere we move, my husband has a job, but for myself and the kids, we always have to start all over again,” Nina said. Through the Intuit Expert Network, Nina has the flexibility she always wanted.

Our experts have the freedom to work from anywhere in the country, on a schedule that suits them. This flexibility benefits our customers, too, giving them timely, virtual access to the right professionals for their unique needs.

The opportunity to make a difference in the lives of our customers

People often lack confidence in making important financial decisions, and finding the right advisors can be a challenge. The Intuit Expert Network simplifies these connections. Powered by AI-driven technology, our platform enables customers to seamlessly collaborate with highly-trained experts, who help them manage their books or file their taxes quickly and confidently.

Many experts choose a career with Intuit for the opportunity to do meaningful work that makes a difference in our customers’ lives. 

For Alvin Clavon, TurboTax Live Tax Expert, finding a fulfilling career where he could help others felt beyond his reach, until he came to Intuit’s Expert Network. “I’ve always enjoyed helping people and just knowing that I bring value to someone’s life,” Alvin said. He added, “Knowing that my company backs me as I do my best for my customers, is one of the reasons I love Intuit.”

Our customers greatly appreciate our experts and their passion to help them succeed. More importantly, they love the care and empathy experts demonstrate in each and every interaction, as they take time to understand their challenges and provide personalized guidance and advice.

The supportive and collaborative culture to grow their skills

Intuit Experts, whether tax preparers or bookkeepers, have access to a variety of tools and educational opportunities. Our experts thrive in a supportive, collaborative culture where they can build their professional skills and experience.

For example, experts can work across multiple teams in the many pilot programs Intuit offers to find ways to solve important customer problems. That way, if experts ever have questions about how to help a customer, they can reach out to a colleague for answers. 

For Anisha Wells, TurboTax Live Tax Prep Assistant, Intuit’s culture of growth makes all the difference. “There are so many training opportunities and programs to become an Enrolled Agent or advance your tax knowledge so that you can move into different roles within TurboTax.” She adds, “I can be where I need to be to help the people I care about in both my personal and professional circles—that is something that’s just unmatched in any other job I’ve ever had.”

At Intuit, we believe that investing in industry-leading education programs, and creating a workplace where learning and growth are prioritized, is a win-win for everyone.

Explore Intuit opportunities for yourself

The Intuit Expert Network is a community of professionals dedicated to revolutionizing the way people access financial expertise. We provide flexible and fulfilling career opportunities for experts to help our customers handle their finances with confidence.

Every day, experts like Nina, Alvin, and Anisha help deliver on Intuit’s mission to power prosperity around the world. Their inspiring stories of growth and success demonstrate our commitment to our employees and our customers.

Now it’s your turn to explore Intuit’s expert opportunities on our careers website today.