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Anisha Wells is a big believer in supporting the important people in her life and in her career, but she hasn’t always felt that same support from others in previous roles she’s held. Joining the Intuit Expert Network changed all that.

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Anisha Wells wants to make a difference in this world for her family—and for just about everyone else she knows and meets. She developed a real passion for helping and serving others in her previous roles as a daycare director and property manager. However, Anisha’s unpredictable work schedule often left her with little to no work-life balance as she juggled her demanding personal and professional commitments. 

“My family is my everything so I needed to find a role in a more supportive work environment with the flexibility to give more time to my children. There just wasn’t enough of me to go around.” 

So Anisha eventually gave up her job to search for a new opportunity where she could thrive in her career and at home. 

She found an ideal fit with the Intuit Expert Network.

How Intuit provides additional opportunities for growing a tax career

As a TurboTax Live Tax Prep Assistant, Anisha combines her tax experience with her passion for making a difference in people’s lives. She also has the flexible and supportive environment she was longing for so she can support her family’s needs.  

“I can now be where I need to be to help the people I care about in both my personal and professional circles—that is something that’s just unmatched in any other job I’ve ever had,” Anisha said. Equally as important, Anisha appreciates the supportive team environment the Intuit Expert Network offers. “There are so many training opportunities and programs to become an Enrolled Agent or advance your tax knowledge so that you can move into different roles within TurboTax.”

Today, Anisha’s career with Intuit is flourishing. She’s recently applied for a management role where she can use her people skills and passion for supporting others. “People can be very emotionally driven, and I feel like one of my biggest strengths is my ability to connect with someone, guide them, comfort them, and let them know we’re going to get through this together.”

Intuit’s team culture promotes collaboration and support

Anisha has built a strong support network by working across multiple teams in the many pilot programs Intuit introduces to find ways to solve important customer problems. “Our daily team huddles give us an opportunity to get to know each other and build relationships.” If Anisha has a question about how to solve a customer problem, she can call a colleague for help, knowing she can reciprocate at any time. “Even though we’ve never met in person, we’ve been able to form friendships thanks to the way Intuit sets up the network.”

Anisha is grateful she embraced the opportunity to become a TurboTax Live Tax Prep Assistant. “Intuit always reminds us—we’ve got your back and we’re here for you.” The ability to collaborate with her managers and her co-workers makes all the difference for her.

As part of a community of experts who share best practices, and with access to tools and educational opportunities, it’s no wonder Intuit Experts like Anisha feel supported! 

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The Intuit Expert Network is building the world’s largest professional network, with career opportunities that offer a supportive culture and growth opportunities. Along the way, Intuit is revolutionizing the way consumers and small businesses access financial expertise. It’s a win-win for Intuit experts and customers!

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