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19 QuickBooks Customers Who Are Supporting a More Sustainable Future

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At Intuit, we’re committed to providing better access to sustainable solutions which are traditionally out of reach for many people and communities. It’s no longer enough to do less harm. It’s about moving beyond minimizing harm toward maximizing benefit. 

Throughout this decade, we’re moving towards solutions that reverse the impact of climate change to take collective positive steps to save our planet. Sustainability is a group effort. We’re highlighting 19 QuickBooks customers who are doing their part to create a more sustainable future:



Trash Amps product on table outside

Trash Amps

Trash Amps helps you upcycle any wide-mouth mason jar into a portable Bluetooth speaker. Handmade in the USA, these clever speakers utilize sustainable materials such as wood, glass, and metal.

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Appalachian Naturals

Their sauces, dressings, dips, salsas, and condiments each contain ingredients produced by local Massachusetts farmers.

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Khordz Mugs

Khordz was created to get people excited about keeping plastic out of landfills, off the beach, and out of the ocean by providing individual, hand-crafted, multi-purpose reusable drinkware.

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Root and Splendor

They formulate and manufacture home and body products with the strictest of standards utilizing 100% natural, non-toxic, and 100% eco-friendly ingredients. They are a favorite amongst customers using septic and grey water systems.

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Smile Natural Products

They are 100% vegan, non-toxic, and plastic-free. Their motto is to deliver healthy, friendly hygiene products that make people feel great and… SMILE!

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Three Trees

Three Trees is a sustainable company making pure organic nut and seed milks. By giving consumers delicious and nourishing alternatives to dairy, they’re helping reduce methane and deforestation from raising cows to produce dairy milk. Fun fact: plant-based products require less water for agriculture than animal products.

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Block Island Organics

This family-run business makes mineral-only sunscreens and SPF moisturizers that are safe to the marine environment. Support Block Island Organics in their commitment to not create extra waste for the world.

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Simply Gum

Simply Gum makes biodegradable, plastic-free chewing gum. Regular gum is made of a plastic base. Instead of plastic, they use a sustainable tree sap called chicle.

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Kingdom of Wow

Kingdom of Wow strives to minimize their impact on the planet. New designs are created mindfully, with a consciousness to produce high-quality footwear that is not only comfortable but made to last.

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Sustainability to Vessi means producing less waste while creating quality products that last. All sneakers are made from vegan materials. By focusing on their material technology, Vessi aims to consume less energy and produce less waste. Use code “vessilovesquickbooks20” to get 20% off all shoes (exclusions apply). Offer ends May 31, 2021.

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Seventh & Oak

As big advocates of sustainable living, Seventh & Oak takes responsible sourcing seriously – from their coconut soy wax to their FSC certified wooden wicks and phthalate-free oils.

Karst transforms recycled stone into beautiful stationery products for the home and workplace.

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Eco Pup

This Canadian dog clothing company provides eco-friendly, locally made dog clothing for your best friends. All of their products are made with premium certified organic cotton, sustainable bamboo and Repreve recycled polyester fabrics.

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Mind Your Bees Wraps

Beeswax food wraps are made of five all-natural ingredients – organic custom branded cotton, Canadian beeswax, pine resin, organic jojoba oil, and coconut wax. These food wraps replace single-use plastics in your home while dramatically extending the life of fresh foods.

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Local Laundry

All garments are dyed, knitted, cut, sewn, and printed in Canada. By doing so, Local Laundry minimizes their carbon footprint. They’re committed to donate over $1 Million to local charities across Canada by 2030 and go plastic-free by 2022.

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Grey Willow Gifts 

Grey Willow Gifts sources all their products from Canadian-made small businesses who also practice low-impact initiatives such as low-waste packaging, cruelty-free processes, and all-natural ingredients. All gift boxes are packaged using sustainable and recycled materials.

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Waw Handplanes

WAW Handplanes is a bodysurfing brand that’s committed to get you bodysurfing and leave nothing but a cleaner ocean in your wake. Fun fact: one whole shopping bag of post-consumer plastic waste is recycled into every handplane.

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Each metric ton of Karst Stone Paper saves 18 large timber trees and 4,720 Kilowatts of energy (equivalent to powering 990 homes for an hour).

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The bamboo toothbrush the environment loves. In addition to the charcoal activated infused PBT bristles that help whiten your teeth, the toothbrush handle is made with 100% bamboo that can be disposed in compost.

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Soy wax is used in the products to ensure the candle is sustainable, biodegradable, and clean burning. They source supplies locally to reduce carbon emissions and use eco-friendly packing materials that are recyclable. Support this business as they develop ways to become 100% sustainable.

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Powering prosperity around the world includes taking care of our planet. This means looking beyond our own operational footprint and using our scale and resources to empower our employees, customers, and communities to join us in our commitment to be climate-positive.

Learn more about Intuit’s bigger, bolder goals for climate action here.