Building Inclusion: Melanie Proebstel is an advocate for veterans, military spouses, and their families

As global leader of the Intuit Military Network ERG, Melanie Proebstel uses her own experiences as a military spouse to create opportunities for veterans and their families.

The Department of Labor estimates that more than 200,000 veterans move to civilian life each year. As these individuals and their families adjust to new norms, their wide range of life experiences and skills are a tremendous asset to the civilian workforce. 

The Intuit Military and Veteran Initiative (MAVI), is Intuit’s commitment to help transform the lives of military families and veterans through community, jobs and financial empowerment. We believe that veterans and military spouses provide a source of unique skills and talent–and the company competes for that talent, while honoring those who served.

Melanie Proebstel is an advocate for the skillfulness a military spouse can bring to an organization. As a QuickBooks Live Senior Service Delivery Manager and global leader of the Intuit Military Network (IMN), Melanie gives us an inside look into the work she is doing to empower veterans, their families, and our customers each and every day. 

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your connection to the military. 

I am a veteran’s wife and many of my uncles served in Vietnam and my grandfather served in World War II. I feel a deep connection to the military community and understand the sacrifices made to serve our country, by the service members and all those who love them. 

What brought you to Intuit and what would you say stands out most for you about working here?

I started at Intuit in 2019 as a QuickBooks Live Lead. I love being involved in the development of new tools that enhance the experience of our Intuit Experts and small business owners. 

Working for a company that is obsessed with solving customer problems and improving their lives drives me every day. Intuit’s mission is so close to my personal morals of being able to contribute to someone else’s success, no matter how big or small.

Intuit aspires to be a workplace that encourages diversity, inclusion, belonging and equality. How does the work you do support this?

I am an advocate for Employee Resource Groups (ERG) within the Expert network. I like to make sure our Experts, leads, and managers know about what our ERGs offer and how to get connected and involved. I love seeing the ERG community grow as our employees learn more and more of this amazing offering Intuit has available.

What inspired you to take on a leadership role with the Intuit Military Network?

After spending years watching my husband, a disabled Purple Heart recipient, and his brothers struggle with adjusting back to civilian life, I decided to take action. From helping others navigate the Veteran’s Administration system or advocating for my husband’s medical care, I have learned so much about this community and the support they are lacking, or aren’t aware is there for them to use. 

I struggled as a spouse to find fulfilling employment at a company that understood my worth despite my husband’s health needs. Intuit gives me the flexibility to work in my car, on the way to appointments, or during off-hours and they trust that I’ll get my job done. 

As a leader in the Expert network, I’m passionate about ensuring military, military spouses, and those in the veteran community are aware of how great of an employer Intuit is. I want others to see that there is personal career success in their future.

What career advice would you give to service men or women or military spouses looking to grow in the tech industry?

Set goals. Work towards those goals. Keep them somewhere you can see them to remind yourself of what you are trying to accomplish when times get tough. Network, tap shoulders, add LinkedIn contacts, join virtual hiring meetings or look for great offerings through programs such as, VirtForce, Hiring for Heroes, Hire Purpose and more – all of which partner with Intuit

We’re looking for diverse talent with a wide range of life experiences to inspire new ideas and fuel innovation. We celebrate our veteran work force and strive to help more veterans break into the tech sector. Learn more about Intuit’s Military & Veterans programs, connect with a recruiter, and check out our job openings here.