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Helping Young Adults Take Ownership of their Financial Future

Social Responsibility Helping Young Adults Take Ownership of their Financial Future

Do you know a young adult who may be interested in learning more about personal finance?

The World Economic Forum named financial literacy as one of the top 21st century skills every student critically needs to better prepare them for future jobs. But we know that many students are living in economically challenged communities where local educational institutions do not teach these kids how to build stronger skills that will prepare them for future success.

We’re here to help! That’s why we’ve partnered with the Congressional Awards Foundation to offer a new financial literacy program for young Americans.

The program is open to all youth regardless of ability, circumstance, and socioeconomic status. Our personal finance program will help students develop critical skills by exploring and learning about key personal finance topics, demonstrating their skills using project based learning activities using real world tools, applying their new knowledge and skills to build their financial futures, and volunteering their time to give back to their communities.

Within our carefully curated courses on design thinking and personal finance simulations, students will use real-world tools to help develop smart money habits and skills needed for the 21st century.

Tell me more about the program

Using simulations of our cornerstone products, like Mint, our free app to track your budget, the Congressional Award Personal Finance Program will help youth manage their own financial future while also allowing them to earn hours towards their development goals.

The online Financial Literacy Center consists of four main modules – Financial Foundations, Investing in your Future, Building Financial Capability, and Adulting.  Each module hosts interactive lessons for participating students to make their way through as they review topics from how a credit card works, to budgeting, to homeownership, retirement, and more. That kind of exposure to different simulations, lessons, and curriculum resources helps to ignite students’ passions and interests in money management.

Visit the Congressional Award Personal Finance Program webpage to get started

We hope to have a lasting impact

The Congressional Award is considered one of the highest honors bestowed upon young U.S. citizens, recognizing initiative, service, and achievement in youth ages 14 – 23. It remains the only charity established by the United States Congress. We’re thrilled to be recognized by the Congressional Awards Foundation as their premiere sponsor of the financial literacy program. 

At Intuit, our mission is to “Power Prosperity Around the World.”  We often say that prosperity means something different for each person, but finances often sit at the core of living the life you want. Our mission helps us go beyond just creating great products, and keeps us committed to helping those who may need it most. One of the areas we accomplish this is through financial literacy education. We want to help students develop critical skills and an entrepreneurial mindset so they can be set up to succeed.

“Whether a student has some experience managing personal finances, or is a complete beginner, Intuit has helped to create a program to help those of any background gain expertise for a more secure financial future”, said Chris Leahy, Vice President, Global Corporate Affairs and Chief Public Policy Officer at Intuit. 

We’re proud of the work we’ve done to help students but we’re just getting started. As shared in our 2020 Corporate Responsibility Report, we supported over 150,000 students and educators within our education programs within fiscal year 2020. As we aim to drive a long term shift in job readiness of students today, we have committed to meeting a goal of better preparing 1.1 million people for jobs by the year 2023. 

With more than 40,000 U.S. students expecting to participate in the Congressional Awards program in the 2020-21 school year, we’re excited for the opportunity to help today’s youth build their personal finance knowledge and skills as they develop their financial future and help others along their personal finance journey.

We invite you to share the details of the Congressional Award Personal Finance Program with any young adult and together, we can help shape the future of the next generation.