Job interviews go both ways.

Interviews shouldn't only be about tech qualifications. When considering your next job, you want to make sure that you’ll be able to add more to your resume than just a company’s name. We know there are many tech employers to choose from, so this is your opportunity to learn how they will support you in your career path—and determine if the role itself will be fulfilling.

So while you should be ready to answer questions in an interview, we encourage you to ask your own. Here are just a few of the questions that our tech community thinks are particularly important.

Will my code build something meaningful?

Truly innovative work should make a difference for people. If you're invested in the impact of your work, ensure your next role gives you something to be proud of.

Intuit Software Engineer Justin

Helping people navigate federal relief

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Intuit engineers didn’t go on with business as usual. They quickly switched gears and asked how Intuit could help people most affected by the resulting financial crisis. That’s when software engineer Justin and his team built upon the knowledge engine used for TurboTax to develop and launch Intuit Aid Assist, a financial aid tool that has helped over 660K small businesses and individuals navigate federal relief.

Intuit Data Scientist Nazanin

Saving customers time on expenses

Intuit Data Scientist Nazanin and her team harness the power of AI to turn tedious financial tasks into simplified customer experiences. Her team puts ML to work for our small business customers by automatically extracting transaction information from uploaded receipts at their request. Nazanin's team was able to decrease extraction time from 8 minutes down to 3 seconds, yielding instantaneous results for over 6M receipts last year alone.

Intuit Data Scientist Heather

Delivering customer support faster

Intuit Data Scientist Heather and the Online Help team built an AI-driven solution that helped save customers 46.8 million minutes annually in customer support calls. By launching new personalization, machine learning, design and content enhancements, Heather's team helped customers find accurate and actionable solutions to their problems faster.

Will I have the autonomy to explore new languages, tools, and technologies?

Technology is always rapidly evolving. We want you to recognize and seize new opportunities that emerging technologies create - whether to build and deliver better solutions, or simply expand your skillset.
  • Adriel

    Software Engineer, Data Curation Platform

    "What's most important to me is learning the skills and technologies that will serve me 10x, 100x in my future endeavors. Intuit is a fantastic place to learn those essential skills. I get to work with incredible big data technologies like Apache Spark and Kafka and using these to solve Intuit's big data problems."

  • Emma

    Software Engineer, QuickBooks

    "The engineers and I have taken on a whole new programming language: SwiftUI. We’ve formed a SwiftUI working group with iOS engineers across the organization, meeting weekly to discuss best practices, review each other’s code, and make sure we’re setting the right example for future developers. We’re essentially the pioneers of this new framework within our mobile team, so it really excites me to be able to explore new tech early on that will benefit future engineers."

  • Samantha

    Software Engineer, ProConnect Group

    "I'm working on a project using infrastructure as code to increase the productivity of over 40 tax developers across Intuit. It allowed me to learn a lot of new tools and technologies I wasn’t familiar with before, like Chef. I've always done a lot of web development but this project helps me improve my DevOps skills."

  • Caroline

    DevSecOps Engineer, Adversary Management

    "I love how Intuit focuses a lot on skill-building. As an engineer, I think it's really important that we are constantly learning new skills to add to our toolbox. I love that at Intuit I am constantly encouraged to try new projects and work on new teams in order to learn new skills."

Will I have engineering mentors? Will leaders have visibility into my work?

Mentorship and visibility with leaders can play a pivotal role in your personal development and growth at any level, but not all tech communities foster mentorship or access to leaders.

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