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Software engineer jobs at Intuit

Build solutions to challenging financial problems for millions of people around the world.


The latest on Intuit tech 

When it comes to technology, we’ve got a lot on our minds. Here’s some of our latest thinking:

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How a week to pursue passion projects leads to innovative solutions

What happens when you give all your technologists a week to experiment, collaborate, and release their inner engineers? Anything. 

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Mentoring women in tech at Intuit

Building relationships, skills, and careers to advance opportunities and inclusion. 

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How Intuit is "democratizing" AI-driven product development

We're building and deploying machine learning models in weeks versus months to accelerate personalized AI at scale for consumers and small businesses. 

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Why accessibility matters - and how to make it work

Accessibility in innovation should be top of mind for present-day developers.

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How Intuit Combined Advanced AI and Human Expertise to Reshape the Future of Finance for 100M+ Customers

Can ChatGPT do your taxes? Not without Intuit's years of tax AI expertise. But it can contribute to game-changing new experiences on our platform.

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A community for technologists, by technologists

The Tech Culture Champions Community is a network of technologists who help fill communication gaps, anticipate unknowns, identify opportunities, and invent new structures based on shared challenges and experiences.

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Providing technology to empower students

We're proud to be able to donate a sound-proof recording booth to the students at Marvin E. Robinson School of Business and Management, a member of our Prosperity Hub School District program in Dallas, Texas.

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Democratizing AI to Accelerate ML Model Development in Weeks vs. Months

Accelerating ML model development is key to Intuit's ability to deliver personalized AI experiences at scale to 100M+ customers.

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How to optimize graceful shutdown in Kubernetes and avoid customer impact

Creating a durable application is important, but it's equally crucial to consider its termination, as the out-of-the-box Kubernetes solution may not allow for fine-tuning the process and can cause long wait times and errors for end-users.

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How to Ensure Release Candidates are Good2Go? Automated Performance Pipelines

Mission-critical financial software must be fast, reliable, and able to handle hundreds of thousands of transactions per second with 99.999% availability, as even a few milliseconds of delay can lead to user abandonment.

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How we Improved MySQL Performance at Intuit's Batch Processing Platform (BPP)

In this blog post, we’ll be sharing our experience of debugging & optimizing our Relational MySQL DB performance.

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How to Streamline ML Model Deployment? Automated Sanity Checks

Automating the sanity check of machine learning models can save time and energy, and prevent metrics misalignment in pre-production.

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Build with us

Our open-source community has developed tools to speed up UI design, enable web services testing, and power productivity at scale across all software engineering jobs. 

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Hear from our software engineers

Headshot photo of Maia.

My team is six engineers, and three of us are women, which is refreshing to me. It's one example of how Mailchimp and Intuit foster such inclusive and welcoming environments.

Maia Software Engineer
Headshot photo of Nigel.

We utilize AI technologies in order to pair customers with experts here at Intuit.

Nigel Manager 1 Development
Headshot photo of Samantha.

I get super excited when a change that I've done in code on a product brings happiness to people that are using it.

Samantha Senior Software Engineer
Headshot photo of Vishal.

Intuit works on and uses some of the latest technologies in the market.

Vishal Software Engineer 2
Headshot photo of Cat.

One really cool thing that Intuit has been so, so good about is providing us with all the training that we need.

Cat Senior Software Engineer

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